Review: EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set

ecotools9 I’ve been using EcoTools brushes for a while though until recently I had only one old set including face, eye and eyebrow brushes so only the one eyeshadow brush. In my recent Boots online order I decided to try one of the sets of EcoTools brushes with my Boots points. I decided on the eye set as I wanted to see what the difference was between them. The set cost £14.99 and includes five brushes inside a pouch with a clear window and includes: a large eye brush, highlighting brush, angled crease brush, smudge brush and petite eye shading brush. It is no longer on the website but they have the newer version which can be found here on the Boots website, this set contains exactly the same brushes, just the travel bag is different as this new one has a travel bag with a mirror. I think it’s closer to the old set I have in that the brushes are held with elastic strips but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen it. The main reason for getting the set is the brushes though so that part of the review remains the same.  Continue reading