Review: ‘My Japanese husband thinks I’m crazy’ and ‘My Japanese husband (still) thinks I’m crazy’


I just realised today I don’t think I’ve done a review of a book I’ve bought since doing this blog, which is odd considering I’ve bought quite a few and have actually recently bought a bookcase for these extra books along with a few others and found that it’s already full. I thought I’d do my first about these two books by Grace Buchele Mineta, who runs the texanintokyo blog and youtube channel, though I feel I’m a little late on this review as I’ve already read them multiple times.

I’ve had these two books, ‘My Japanese husband thinks I’m crazy’ and My Japanese husband (still) thinks I’m crazy’, for a few weeks now though I wanted to read them before reviewing and I ended up with other posts that came up before, so sorry for it taking a while to write this!

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