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I wasn’t planning on making an order and I managed to keep it small but something I wanted to get mum for Mother’s Day is sold out everywhere else and so I thought it was a good chance to try this other company. I haven’t seen these Elegant Touch gel varnishes anywhere before, even on Asos, where I made this order, until a week or so ago when I searched on there so I don’t know if they’re new or if they’re just new on there. I will do a proper review when I’ve tried them but this is a sort of first impressions just looking at them.


As I haven’t seen these before I decided they’d be good to try, I’m hoping to get a couple more companies with gel varnishes and do a comparison though with the three I have now I might as they seem to be the easiest to get in the UK. These claim that you get ’15 day perfect wear nails 60 second gel polish’ which makes it faster than the others and they do have quite a good range of colours. When I was ordering they were on offer at £7 instead of £10 and this was for all of the colours, maybe this is an introductory offer but it seemed a good price. Unfortunately when I ordered I didn’t realise the size difference between these and the others, these are 4.5ml whereas the others are 9ml so the price isn’t any better at this sale price, at full price they’re more expensive per ml which was a bit disappointing to realise.


The two I chose are ‘Hero’ and ‘Sweet dreams’ which are both fairly pink though I expected them to be a bit more different from each other. I chose these two colours as I thought they looked nice and fairly neutral, I was thinking they’re colours mum might like as I’ve been planning on giving her a gel manicure for a while and I don’t have any others that she’d really wear. In the online pictures they did appear to have some sort of shimmer but they’re just a flat cream by the look of them.

Hero is a fairly blue pink to me, almost a similar colour to the taupe tulips that I bought before from Sensationail though more pink. I was expecting this to have some shimmer to it, the other options in the drop down menu on the page seemed to be shiny in some way so I thought this would, I’m not too disappointed as I think I’ll wear this one a lot. I would say this is pretty accurate on the page. Sweet Dreams is just a delicate pink cream colour, I was expecting it to be paler, the photo on the page seems to be lighter than this but again it’s a nice colour and I’ll probably wear it depending on how it looks on.


The Cinderella Red Carpet Manicure varnishes seem to be pre-order on a lot of sites though I think they’re all available on Asos, here. They cost £12.99 and there are ten colours including a mix of what look like top glitter coats with a clear base, some shimmers in pale colours and a turquoise which I kind of want even though it never seems to work on my nails.asos4

The packaging on these is so cute, it’s designed to look like a little book, I guess it ties in with the fairytale theme of Cinderella, and it a pale blue with faded and darker bits around the edges to show weathered and old pages. The front has a glass slipper on but I’m not sure if this is due to the name as it’s about the glass slipper or if they all have it. It’s all pale blue and has a gold silhouette of a carriage on the back, it reminds me of old fashioned leather bound books with the embossed metallic boarder and design on it. If it didn’t have the window inside I would be keeping this to reuse for earrings or something. Inside is the window showing the nail varnish and a quote, I presume from the movie.

“They’re made of glass?!” – Cinderella

“Yes, and you’ll find they’re really comfortable.” – Fairy Godmother

I quite like this quote, it’s something that I’ve always found strange; wouldn’t glass slippers be really uncomfortable and just break? I know it’s a sort of mistranslation from the original with furs from the original story but it still just seemed an odd choice of material for shoes and this quote sort of plays on that. This bit has nothing to do with the varnish itself but I wanted to say it anyway.


The colour is called ‘Put a slipper on it’ and looks amazing. It is supposed to be white and silver glitter going by the description but it also includes holographic glitter, all three seem to be the same size though it’s rather hard to see the white against the white brush. It reminded me of the Gwen Steffani OPI nail varnish from Christmas ‘Snowglobe trotter’ which I loved so a gel version would be amazing to use on top of my darker gel varnishes, I always like a bit of sparkle! The glitter in this appears to all be the same size so it’ll be a bit different but I’m hoping for a similar effect, can’t wait to have a bit of a play around and see how easy the glitter is to distribute.

I like all of these, they definitely look like colours I’ll use and I like trying new gel nail varnishes. I’ll have a play around and do a review of them and maybe a comparison post between the three makes I’ve tried so far. Is that something you guys would like to read? Any other gel nail varnish brands that use LED lights you think I should check out? Leave any comments and suggestions below.

I bought all of these from and they’re all still available at the moment. They both have their own websites but I can’t find these products on them, they may be added in the future though.

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