Review: Elegant Touch Lux Gel varnishes and a Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella gel varnish


I recently bought a couple of the Elegant Touch Lux Gel gel nail varnishes, one in ‘hero’ and another in ‘sweet dreams’, both are fairly neutral colours but on the pink side of neutral so they’re suitable for interviews and times when I don’t want such bright nails. I posted about these in my recent Asos post but now I’ve tried them I thought I’d do a review. I also got one of the Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella nail varnishes in ‘put a slipper on it’ which I love so there will be a small review at the end for that one too.

I chose these colours as I like to have a couple of neutral colours to wear, especially when they’re long lasting like gels, as if I plan on wearing a lot of different colours over the time the nail varnish is on I like something that goes with them all and this is an easy way of doing that.

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Shottle Bop, kind of a mini review


This isn’t really much of a product review and it’s just a quick post as I found an email today from a few days ago from the company saying they’re closing and as I love these so much I thought I’d post about it now so you have a couple of days to get something if you want to before it’s gone for good. I may be making a last minute order too, there are a few I’ve wanted for a whole but not got so now seems like the perfect time. 

Shottle Bop sells necklaces, and earrings if you want, with various things inside, most are themed around sci-fi, horror and similar things though there are some more traditional remedies (leeches anyone?) mixed in there. 

I love the size of the bottles, they’re small enough that they work as necklaces without being too big and yet the labels are still readable and have an old apothecary feel to them to me. They’re roughly an inch tall (about 2.7cm when I measured them) and some include tiny things inside like ice cubes or kryptonite.

I will say that some definitely last better than others. The photo was taken when the top row was new, the two at the bottom were already over a year old and they look the same two years later. The Felix Felicis has become a lump of gold in the middle with some liquid around, about half empty but turns gold when shaken, and the polyjuice potion is a light blue though I think that was my fault as it was on my windowsill for a while. It has taken two years to get like that though and the others still look like they did in the picture, the flesh is a bit emptier but still nice and gooey.

I love these and hint they’re a great gift for someone who likes any of the themes, I’m planning on getting the zombie kit and leeches because I’ve wanted them for a while but thought I’d post this now as by the time I get them the store will be closed. I can’t wait to see what they do next as it says something about the labels being reused for something else and they’re one of the things I like the most about these, especially the little tag line thing below the product name.

The necklaces are £10 – £12 each depending on what’s in them and most of the earrings add more onto the price, you just choose in the drop down menu of whatever bottle you want and it says how much to add. There are so many colours available on a lot of the options and you can add glitter or choose to have it glow in UV if you want. There is also the option of a little spoon which I have never got but they do look cute and would go well with some of the remedies. You can find it all here at though they close on March 31st so you have to be quick! Wish I’d checked my spam box earlier as it somehow ended up in that, I’d have posted this sooner and probably a better review.

Totally unrelated but I’m trying out the iPad app now it’s been updated and I like it a lot more now, just not sure how to add the read more bit so I’ll have to edit this post later to add it.

Review: Sleek Makeup i-Quad – Moroccan Myrrh


I recently made a small order with Boots, mainly to get some hair lightener, and had it sent to the local Boots store. As part of the order I decided to get myself a small birthday present and as I’ve seen these i-Quads on the Sleek website I thought I’d get one when they were available somewhere that I wanted to get other products. I liked the idea of a small palette with eyeshadows and an eyeliner which would work well when travelling. They were available in three colours; Moroccan Myrrh (neutral shades with a brown eyeliner), Medusa’s Kiss (greys with a black eyeliner) and a limited edition midnight blue (blues with a dark blue eyeliner). They cost £5.99 from boots, here, or the Sleek makeup website has it here for the same price.

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L.S. Lowry – Yachts 1959


I love Lowry paintings, I have for as long as I remember, though I think it may have originally had something to do with the ‘Matchstick Men and Matchstick Cats and Dogs’ song that was released some time in the 70s by Brian and Michael (if you don’t know it this is a youtube video with lyrics), I heard that before I knew who he was. I got this print for my birthday and, as I love it so much, wanted to post about it, though it’s only a short post as I’m really not an art critic and probably can’t really review a painting properly.

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Review: EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set

ecotools9 I’ve been using EcoTools brushes for a while though until recently I had only one old set including face, eye and eyebrow brushes so only the one eyeshadow brush. In my recent Boots online order I decided to try one of the sets of EcoTools brushes with my Boots points. I decided on the eye set as I wanted to see what the difference was between them. The set cost £14.99 and includes five brushes inside a pouch with a clear window and includes: a large eye brush, highlighting brush, angled crease brush, smudge brush and petite eye shading brush. It is no longer on the website but they have the newer version which can be found here on the Boots website, this set contains exactly the same brushes, just the travel bag is different as this new one has a travel bag with a mirror. I think it’s closer to the old set I have in that the brushes are held with elastic strips but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen it. The main reason for getting the set is the brushes though so that part of the review remains the same.  Continue reading “Review: EcoTools 6 piece eye brush set”

Review: ‘My Japanese husband thinks I’m crazy’ and ‘My Japanese husband (still) thinks I’m crazy’


I just realised today I don’t think I’ve done a review of a book I’ve bought since doing this blog, which is odd considering I’ve bought quite a few and have actually recently bought a bookcase for these extra books along with a few others and found that it’s already full. I thought I’d do my first about these two books by Grace Buchele Mineta, who runs the texanintokyo blog and youtube channel, though I feel I’m a little late on this review as I’ve already read them multiple times.

I’ve had these two books, ‘My Japanese husband thinks I’m crazy’ and My Japanese husband (still) thinks I’m crazy’, for a few weeks now though I wanted to read them before reviewing and I ended up with other posts that came up before, so sorry for it taking a while to write this!

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Recent Purchases:


I wasn’t planning on making an order and I managed to keep it small but something I wanted to get mum for Mother’s Day is sold out everywhere else and so I thought it was a good chance to try this other company. I haven’t seen these Elegant Touch gel varnishes anywhere before, even on Asos, where I made this order, until a week or so ago when I searched on there so I don’t know if they’re new or if they’re just new on there. I will do a proper review when I’ve tried them but this is a sort of first impressions just looking at them.

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Recent Purchases: Primark


On the weekend I went shopping after going to the library, mainly for some bookshelves I had ordered, but we had time to spare before it was going to get to the shop and we ended up in Primark for something mum wanted to buy. Of course I went in thinking I might get a white vest and ended up with a lot more than I originally planned while she left with nothing. Fortunately almost everything I bought was on my ‘buy before summer’ list anyway so now I have new vest tops to replace those that have faded.

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Review: Real Techniques shading brush and Bold Metals pointed crease brush

realtechniques1 I posted about these I the post on Tuesday though now I’ve had a play around with them a bit more I thought I’d do a review. I’ve wanted to try the Real Techniques brushes since I saw a video on them on the Pixiwoo youtube channel. As I mainly use eyeshadow I thought I’d try two of the eyeshadow brushes; one of the originals in the shading brush and one of the new bold metals collection with the 201 pointed crease brush.

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Recent purchases:


I bought some more things from Boots, this time I made an online order and it’s pretty much just things I forgot when I went in a couple of weeks ago, things that weren’t available in stores and a couple of things I needed but didn’t realise Boots would have. I did kind of make two orders, one I paid for with the Boots points I have from having an advantage card, they’ve been building up for a while and I really wanted new makeup brushes so I thought I’d treat myself and try some I’ve wanted to look at.

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