Recent Purchases: TK Maxx and Red Nose Day


I recently ordered a few bits from TK Maxx, I wasn’t planning on getting much besides the t-shirt but I needed a notebook and when I saw the one I felt like I had to get it and it’s for a good cause, at least I think Comic Relief is a good cause. When I was looking around the site I saw the mini bottles set of Marc Jacobs perfumes, one of them being Honey which I love, and ended up getting that too. I’m a sucker for mini things plus the fact I like having small bottles for travelling as in the past I’ve had glass bottles break and I’d rather lose 4ml of perfume than a full 30ml of 50ml. All of these products can be found on the TK Maxx website and the T-shirt and notebooks are probably available in most of the stores around the UK until Red Nose Day, 13th March, though smaller sizes tend to sell out quickly, at least that’s what I’ve found in the past.

Every two years in the UK there is a fundraising event on the TV for Comic Relief, a charity that works with people in the UK and Africa for various causes depending on the year, called Red Nose Day. There’s more information about this here on their website to get an idea of what it’s about if you want. The past few times TK Maxx (TJ Maxx to people outside the UK) have worked with Comic Relief and released a range of t-shirts. In the past the main ones I remember are ones with famous photos in black and white but with the addition of a red nose on top, I have one from four years ago (I think) with a photo of the Beatles, I think that year they were all by Stella McCartney but I’m not sure. This year there are a few different designers who have created t-shirts as well as a few household items like aprons, tea towels and notebooks, the whole range of homeware can be found here, and t-shirts can be found here. I’m not sure if they’ve done those before, I’ve never looked at them if they did. The whole range can be found here and there’s a big variety this year with the t-shirt designs.


I have been a fan of Blackadder for years so the obvious choice for me was the Baldrick quote; “I have a cunning plan”, though unfortunately this is a men’s t-shirt I think the Beatles one was too. I had to go by the measurements on the website and, fortunately, I’d say that this time they were accurate. I decided to go for XS as it seemed like it’d be the best fit and it’s the size of the other t-shirt I have. I am a size 12 in women’s tops in most stores and this fits well as a fitted t-shirt, there isn’t the shaping of a fitted women’s top but it fits like that across my chest and at the hem at the bottom. I think the sizes in most women’s tops goTKMaxx8 up in 2 inches around the chest so if XS is 12 then S would be 14, etc. or if you wanted it to be looser fitting then going up one from your normal equivalent size might be a good idea.

The arms are fairly fitted and I really like the folded over detail on the ends of the sleeves. There’s also a small slit on either side along the seams about an inch long on either side at the bottom which I think is another nice detail rather than just a plain t-shirt. The hem around the neckline is nice, it’s fairly plain but a deeper rounded neck than the version I have from before. The material used is nice and soft, it says it’s 100% sustainably sourced cotton which is good as it’s nice and breathable and it definitely feels to me like a fairly high quality cotTKMaxxRND3ton. This may seem an odd thing to say but I also like the label, it is folded over and on one of the outside sides it has a copy of the design and the other has Henry Holland (heart) Red Nose Day (though with an actual heart picture) and I’ve kept it for a bookmark.

The design of the text itself I really like, the big block text for the quote which is one of the stand out quotes that people will remember from the show really. I like that the red noses are integrated into the design in the place of the gaps in the letters so they become part of the letter font design rather than being stuck somewhere else that didn’t fit so well. I also like the signature at the bottom is off to the side and, although it is easily read, it isn’t too much of a feature and is second to the quote itself. The T-shirt cost £14.99, which is the price for most of the adult tops though the unisex ones are £9.99. It also says in the label that at least £8 from the sale of this T-shirt will go to Comic Relief.


The two notebooks I got I chose because of the quotes on the top. I got one in A4 size and the other in the smaller 17cm xTKMaxxRND5 24cm though, to be honest, I couldn’t really picture this size and thought it wouldn’t be much different to the A4 one though I was happily surprised with how well the smaller one would fit into my bag so it’s a better portable size. I mainly got the smaller one as it was a black one with the Baldrick quote on it and I wanted to see what the size difference was like. I was surprised that the Oscar Wilde quote one, which says; ”Be yourself everyone else is already taken” and has possibly become one of my favourite quotes now, is a shiny, patent leather rather than the matte effect of the other. It was very hard to photograph the quote on the front as it’s so reflective and I’ve already got fingerprints TKMaxxRND6on it so I wish I’d known this before and I might have got the smaller one of these if that’s matte. I like the different fonts used on both on the front and they’re both leather so they seem like they’ll last well and the matte one especially will keep looking good even if it does get a bit weathered. Inside the back cover it says handmade in Italy and how they feel when holding them they definitely have that expensive feel about them, there’s also the RND logo on the back imprinted on the leather. The paper inside isn’t white, it’s a slightly yellowy cream colour with either very dark blue or black lines. The larger of the two has a slightly bigger gap between the linTKMaxxRND9es and I prefer the spacing on the smaller one personally but the difference isn’t very obvious. The larger of the two cost £9.99 and at least £4 goes to charity while the smaller one cost £7.99 and at least £3 goes to charity from that one.


And the one non-RND thing I bought was the set of perfumes. I’m planning on reviewing them when I’ve had the chance to wear them for any period of time so will probably put that up next week. First impression though, I love them all though I’m not sure I’ll wear Daisy all that much. Dot and Honey are both ones I’ve tried before and I like them but the other two were ones I thought I’d try over time as I know Marc Jacobs ones tend to last well on my skin and don’t react with it which is a problem I have with a lot of high street brands. The bottles themselves for these perfumes are so cute, I’d probably consider keeping them after I’ve finished using the perfumes though I’m not sure what for. They each have their signature lid from the larger versions; the daisies, bee and oddly shaped ladybird, and the bottles themselves replicate their larger versions too in their general shape. The tops are simple stoppers with indents I the lids that the bottle fits into and a sort of pin that goes into the top of the bottle, it’s a snug fit so I’m not worried about them coming off and there’s a rather satisfying pop when I pull them off, is that weird to say about a perfume bottle?

So far they are worth the money spent as it means I have four perfumes for £34.99, so roughly £9 each, and as I have quite a few others I like to wear a range depending on my mood so unless it’s something I absolutely love then small and a variety is better for me and even these will probably last me a year or so. These have sold out on the TK Maxx store online but they may be in physical shops still, I tend to find there are things in there that aren’t online and vice versa. They’re also probably available elsewhere though I’ve never seen them anywhere but eBay before.

Overall I’m happy with everything I bought, I would have preferred the larger notebook to be matte but it doesn’t matter too much. I love the size of the smaller one and I’m actually considering getting the others, or at least the Oscar Wilde one, in the smaller version. The t-shirt I will definitely wear, I’ll have to see how well the print lasts in the wash but as I’m wearing the Beatles one four years later and I think I’ll still like Blackadder in the years to come it’s fairly safe to say I’ll get my money’s worth out of it. The perfumes I do like, I like the variety and fact that they’re a great travel size, especially as I always get worried that if I flew somewhere my perfume might get confiscated or something so I wouldn’t be so worried with these.

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