New theme!

Just a very quick post to say I have a new theme, I like the way you can find tags but not sure about the look of it really. I’ll have to make a header image but I think I like the overall look but I might be changing it again if I find one I prefer, I like it when you can see the tag cloud permanently down the side but haven’t found a free one like it that I really like the look of.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Do you prefer the old one or do you like this one? Or any recommended themes?

Recent Purchases: TK Maxx and Red Nose Day


I recently ordered a few bits from TK Maxx, I wasn’t planning on getting much besides the t-shirt but I needed a notebook and when I saw the one I felt like I had to get it and it’s for a good cause, at least I think Comic Relief is a good cause. When I was looking around the site I saw the mini bottles set of Marc Jacobs perfumes, one of them being Honey which I love, and ended up getting that too. I’m a sucker for mini things plus the fact I like having small bottles for travelling as in the past I’ve had glass bottles break and I’d rather lose 4ml of perfume than a full 30ml of 50ml. All of these products can be found on the TK Maxx website and the T-shirt and notebooks are probably available in most of the stores around the UK until Red Nose Day, 13th March, though smaller sizes tend to sell out quickly, at least that’s what I’ve found in the past.

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