Fortune Cookie Soap: Alice in Wonderland Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America that make a range of bath and body products, the main product they’re probably known for is the fortune cookie shaped soaps. They have a physical shop but I buy all of their products off their website, which can be found here. They release a ‘Soap Box’ four times a year that contain sample sizes of products in the scents of the seasonal line released two or three weeks after the box arrives.

The Spring line this year is based on Alice in Wonderland, a theme that I love and was really looking forward to seeing how they did this. As it is a spring release line it contains a lot of floral scents, which I’m not particularly fond of most of the time, so wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these products but some of them surprised me and weren’t really things I was expecting either for Spring or for an Alice in Wonderland themed line.


TFCSwonderland7he first thing I saw when I opened the box was the art on the front of the card saying what the box contains, it reminds me mainly of the Tim Burton style with the font but with the different sized mushrooms the picture could go with any version really. Inside as well as the products themselves was a blue butterfly, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I do like it, it reminds me of the ones you used to get in the 90s, or maybe early 2000s, on hair clips that everyone had. The general smell of the box when I opened it reminded me of a fabric softener or something similar, a fairly nice fresh, floral scent but not something I’d use on my body to smell of.


Almost Alice fortune cookie soap

“Fresh green snap peas and juicy pears brighten this bouquet of sweet pea flowers, and freesia, sprinkled with ripe berries.”

This is one of the two full sized products, they’re sold for around $2.99 – $3.99 without packaging most of the time. I love the colour of this soap, it’s a light blue or aqua colour that seems to have a sort of silvery sheen to it, like the shower gels you get that have glitter suspended in them but more subtle. The scent really reminds me of the Body Shop two types of body butter they used to do with the thicker and thinner ones, I haven’t seen them in a while so not sure if they still do them, in the sweet pea scent. I loved that but this has something extra in, I can smell a hint of the green peas themselves maybe that makes it a bit fresher but then there’s some floral scent, I’m guessing the freesia, that seems to come out stronger when I use it and makes it almost overpowering to me. I think this scent is the one I could smell when I opened the box, or at least this is one of the stronger scents that created that overall smell. I like this enough to use the soap but it does have that fabric softener scent that puts me off using it as a bath thing to soak in or something to scent my skin.


Twisted Tea Party bath tea

“A light, refreshing, green tea with notes of sweet herbs, vanilla bean, cucumber, golden amber, and hints of neroli and geranium, stirred with a bright sprig of spearmint.”

This is a new product, I don’t think they’ve done these bath teas before though I have seen them from other companies so I’m not sure if a ‘full size’ version would have more in a set or if they’d be sold as singles. The idea is to put this in the bath and leave it to soak and release the scent and ingredients. I would guess that the hotter the better with this to help release the scent but I have never used one before so this will be interesting to try. It does look exactly like one of the fruit or herbal teas I’ve used before so it definitely goes with the Hatter’s tea party. I think this is another strong scent, though for me all I can really get from this is floral, I don’t get any specific flower though I think it’s the geranium as I tend to find that can overpower others to my nose or it may be the sweet herbs. I don’t get any green tea, vanilla, amber or neroli in this which is a bit disappointing as I quite like all those scents. It looks like it has oats in it maybe and there’s some kind of white powder that reminds me of a bath milk so I hope it has a nice effect on my skin. This is definitely not a scent I would buy more in but it you like florals then I think you’ll like it. I will try the product as I’m intrigued by how these tea bags work and I might buy the kind of product again, just not in this scent.


Who Are You? Incense cones

“A mysterious mixture of crisp, ripe, pear twisted with tart limes, vanilla orchid, and dash of raw cane sugar.”

Another product I think is new for Fortune Cookie Soap, at least I haven’t seen these before, and therefore I’m not sure if these are full sized or if they’d be sold as incense sticks or maybe more per set. There are seven in this small bag which is a good sample size but I’m not sure if more would be needed in a full size. It says to light them for ten seconds then blow them out and leave them on a heat proof surface. The scent before burning is definitely very sweet and pretty strong. I can smell some kind of fruit though not the fake pear scent you often get with pear bath products so it’s probably a background of true pear with the orchid covering it a bit. It’s slightly floral but not overpoweringly so, a kind of light, powdery floral to me. Unfortunately this is another product that reminds me of a fabric softener or washing powder so I wouldn’t buy it as a bath product but it’s nice in the bag to scent my clothes. I have burnt one and didn’t find the scent as strong or sweet when burning which is probably a good thing for a lot of people but I prefer them unburnt so will probably keep them in a clothes drawer or possibly see how long the scent lasts if they’re just left out in a bowl.


It’s Only a Dream whipped cream

“Calming verbena, lemongrass, calla lily, and citrus blended with leafy greens, ylang-ylang, rosewood, and ozone; with hints of soft musk and roses.”

I really like the whipped creams though I sometimes find they can sit on my skin, it seems to depend on the scent with that which seems slightly odd but I don’t mind as I use them at night anyway. This one was one that sunk in really well and the scent lingered for quite a while, it would work quite well as something to scent your skin as a bit subtler than a perfume but you still get a waft as you walk past if that description makes sense. This is, unfortunately for me, another fairly strong floral though it does have a slightly tropical hint to it, I think that may be the citrus and lily. I’m not a fan of lemongrass normally so it tends to stand out for me in a lot of products but I don’t smell it at all, or enough to identify it, in this. I like the ozone that adds a bit of freshness to it but it’s another that reminds me of something I’d wash my clothes in. I really don’t know what it is in these that does it. I think I’d quite like this as a shower gel or soap as it’s fresher to me than the others but not something to sit in for any time or scent my skin with afterwards.


Off With Their Heads bath bomb

“Groves of Meyer lemons and succulent oranges mingle with a perfectly manicured garden of wild roses, violets, and star jasmine perfumed with romantic tones of bergamot and Egyptian musk.”

This is my favourite of all of the products in this box, the scent is fresh and although the main smell is definitely citrus the other scents add some depth without overpowering it and make it less tart. With the flowers on the top I was expecting this to be a more floral product and I’m happy that it wasn’t. I wasn’t so happy with the mess it seemed to leave around the bath, the petals got everywhere and something in it must be moisturising as it left a ring if I didn’t wipe it as the water went down but it’s not as bad as other companies I’ve bought from in the past. The scent was strong and lingered for a while afterwards, filling all of upstairs, which I thought was pretty impressive for a small sample size of the product. It’s definitely a scent I would buy a few things from if I was planning an order, I think it’d work well in any form really though it’d probably best suit either a bath product to soak in or something to wash with as, although it’s citrus, it’s a fairly relaxing scent rather than a wake you up scent.


Futterwhacken’ body wash

“Sun warmed lilies brightened with a splash of grapefruit and a breath of fresh air.”

I love the name of this, to be honest I expected more of these odd words in this collection though I can’t remember if this is a thing in the original books or just added in the Tim Burton movie. I really like this bottle, I’m keeping it for travelling as it’s unusual and pours really well. The body wash is fairly thin, it pours really well and lathers well with or without the shower puff. It’s nice and moisturising and also works pretty well as a bubble bath, the bubbles are fairly soft and last well and half the bottle gave enough for a long bath. In the bottle the scent is really nice, it reminds me of the orange creamsicle (or something similar) scent they did at some point in the past or the monster gum 2.0 from a couple of years ago. In the bottle it’s a nice creamy citrus smell, I get more orange than grapefruit but it’s fairly sweet. When I used it the floral aspect definitely became stronger though for some reason it reminded me a lot of jasmine rather than lilies but that may be because of the combination of scents.


Eat Me perfume oil

“Scrumptious yellow cake with a fresh slathering of rich, creamy vanilla frosting, topped with fresh white pineapple slices and garnished with a sprig of blooming cilantro.”

I don’t think you can have an Alice in Wonderland themed line without an ‘eat me’ product and to me this one does smell good enough to eat. Reading the description I was expecting a bakery based scent, which I don’t tend to like, but I was pleasantly surprised when it mainly smells to me of pineapple with a hint of some sweetness making it smell a lot like tinned pineapples or a pineapple flavoured sweets, like the pineapple cubes you get in pick and mix. On my skin the pineapple becomes even stronger and it’s pretty much pure pineapple cubes and lasts fairly well though doesn’t have much throw, I have to hold my wrist to my face to smell it. I’d say this is a scent that would work well in most products as well, if you like tropical scents then this would be good to try though if you’re expecting a mainly bakery based scent I don’t think this would be the one to get.


We’re All Mad Here OCD

“Playful mint waters and natural leafy green notes perform a masterful balancing act with musky rich cedarwood.”

This is another of the full sized products though a lot of the OCDs are also available in larger bottles now. These are hand sanitizing gels and last quite a long time, I don’t really buy any between boxes, and don’t dry my hands out like a lot of others as well as the fact that they smell good. This one is a light purple scent with glitter suspended in it though it’s fairly subtle and not obvious when you use it on your hands so you don’t turn out sparkly. This is a scent I can’t quite place, it’s definitely green and leafy though I don’t really smell any particular scent coming through, it’s a general ‘green’ scent which fits well with a Spring line. I think I can get a hint of cedarwood giving it a bit of depth but I can’t quite pick it out, it appears to be stronger when my hands are warmer. I like this scent, it’s probably the most unisex of the scents in this collection to me, and I think it’d be a good body wash as it’s light and fresh and could have the ‘wake you up’ aspect that would help with morning showers.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed by this box but then I’m not a huge fan of florals. I was kind of hoping they might mix it up a bit and do something different as floral is a fairly common theme in Spring but then as so many companies do it I guess it must be popular and having this one box out of four throughout the year being mainly dedicated to it isn’t that bad. I think the stand out product for me was the ‘off with their heads’ scent and the ‘we’re all mad here’ probably comes in at second though the rest are all scents I wouldn’t really be tempted to buy full sizes of.

If you like florals and some different combinations than other companies do then I’d say this would be worth looking at when the collection is released as they’re all scents that are unique as far as I can remember compared to other companies even if they’re not to my personal taste. The whole range is released on February 27th 6:30pm CST (I think that’s 12:30 am GMT on 28th February if that’s your time zone like me) and some things normally sell out fast so if you really want to get a specific item and soon then it’s best to get there at the time of release if possible as sometimes it takes a while to restock them.

At the moment they do have a range of fortune cookie soaps for Chinese New Year, the page for them is here  though they appear to be very limited as quite a few are sold out already. They do other ranges too including a Game of Thrones which I think is limited edition and a 50 Shades of Soap for Valentine’s day.

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