Fortune Cookie Soap: Alice in Wonderland Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America that make a range of bath and body products, the main product they’re probably known for is the fortune cookie shaped soaps. They have a physical shop but I buy all of their products off their website, which can be found here. They release a ‘Soap Box’ four times a year that contain sample sizes of products in the scents of the seasonal line released two or three weeks after the box arrives.

The Spring line this year is based on Alice in Wonderland, a theme that I love and was really looking forward to seeing how they did this. As it is a spring release line it contains a lot of floral scents, which I’m not particularly fond of most of the time, so wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these products but some of them surprised me and weren’t really things I was expecting either for Spring or for an Alice in Wonderland themed line.

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