Review: Bleach London Rosé semi-permanent dye, or I have pink hair!


I have dyed my hair many times in the past ten years, both permanent and semi-permanent dyes and probably most of the colours I can think of but I had never dyed it pink. I also had never dyed it blonde until last year so that may have something to do with it as it seems to be one colour you have to go light before you can dye it. As I haven’t dyed it pink I decided that rather than going for all out bubblegum pink or some other bright colour I’d use a semi-permanent one that has a faded look to it then it wouldn’t be too dramatic and being semi-permanent could be washed out easily. I chose Bleach London Rosé as it was a good price and being in Boots they had a small picture that was a kind of sample of what it should look like on blonde hair. It cost £5 for a 150ml  in Boots, it can be found here on their online store or in store, which isn’t too bad a price especially as in the past I’ve had to order semi-permanent ones online so I missed out the postage in this.

It recommends that you use this dye on light hair, I think specifically light blonde, as it does not contain anything to bleach it and make it lighter. If you have dark hair then you either have to use a product to lighten pinkhair1it, there are quite a lot available in Boots or other high street stores at varying prices so not hard to get your hands on, or it would be best to look at another product for your hair that does include some kind of lightener itself, I’ve used a couple in the past and they can be pretty cheap for a good one of those as well. I’ve been dying my hair blonde since about a year ago and was happy with the colour, just felt like a change, and this is how it started so you can see a before and after comparison.

The first thing I like about this product is the fact it’s already mixed, there’s no adding powder A to bottle B and, as it’s already mixed, if you only want to use half of it then you just put the lid back on and keep the rest till next time. I also like the bottle itself, not the most practical design when you have to get the product out fairly quickly in a dyeibootshaul10ng situation but it looks nice. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the process itself but this is the photo I took for the previous post when I bought the dye so you can see what it looks like.

The dye itself is brighter than the final colour, I was a bit worried when I first saw it but considering I’ve had bright purple looking concoctions turn out blonde I trusted that it would go well. The consistency of the dye is really nice, it’s about the thickness of a moisturising mask conditioner, or at least the ones I’ve tried, so goes on easily and coats all the hairs evenly. Normally my hair drinks up dye as it seems to be pretty porous and in those boxes you get where you do the mix yourself I’ve had to use two on my shoulder length hair as it’s so thick. This time I was pleasantly surprised to find that the one bottle did my hair and could have had some left to spare if I’d wanted, I decided to use it all just to see how well it worked and I’m not sure when I’ll be using pink again. I did use a comb to make sure all my hair was covered but it probably wasn’t needed, it spread very easily and no tangles when I was combing it which happens quite often for me when I’ve had to do it in the past with hair dye.

pinkhair2You only leave it on for 15 minutes but the colour starts to change pretty quickly, or it appeared to to me. It went even brighter when it was developing, you can see the colour on the top of my shirt to get an idea of what it’s like. Thankfully it seems to have completely washed off the t-shirt though I would definitely recommend wearing old clothes, or dark ones that wouldn’t show the colour, and an old towel that you don’t mind getting dyed in case it doesn’t wash out. Washing the product out afterwards was very easy, it only took a few minutes for the water to run clear and nothing really left on my scalp so no need to wash it afterwards, which may sound odd but I’ve used dyes in the past that seem to leave residue on there and I end up washing it again later that night.

I really like thpinkhair3e colour, it shows up quite a bit brighter before I straighten it but the colour definitely seems pinker to me than in the photo of it straight, it just doesn’t seem to photograph well. I like the fact it hasn’t completely covered it in an even colour though that may not be what you’re looking for. It does seem to happen quite often for me and lighter hair dyes that some bits catch more than others so I’m not sure if it’s the products’ fault or my hair’s. My hair feels really soft afterwards and there’s no smell left after the dye. I’ve also found that there’s no transfer onto other things like my pillow when I sleep which has been a problem with other semi-permanent dyes in the past, especially purples and reds. I have to say that compared to the other semi-permanent colours I’ve used this one does seem to be the best when it comes to transfer. I loved Directions by La Riche but with the 5 or 6 colours I tried by them I had a lot of transfer right until I dyed it with something else.

My only problem with this product is the bottle itself, I ended up cutting it in half and getting more out with my hands from the half bottle, I think I probably had about a third of the product that seemed to be left in there before I did it. You could just let it sit upside down for a while but as it’s so fast developing I didn’t want to risk it really.

pinkhair4Overall I’d recommend this colour if you like the faded pink look, if not then there’s a range of colours available and with how easy this was to apply I’d say they were worth a look. They also do shampoo and conditioners that have tints to them and give your hair a tint of colour, I’m going to give the Rosé one a go, see if it helps prolong this pink. They don’t have as big a range of colours as some other brands but they seem to have more pastels than a lot that appear to focus on the really bright colours. As far as I can see all Bleach London products are not tested on animals and aren’t owned by a company that do either, though I found it difficult finding much on them with google. They’re easy to apply, quick to wash off and as soon as you’ve washed it off that’s it and no need to sleep with a towel over the pillow. I’m definitely going to be getting more, I think I’ll be trying the apricot one next.

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