Review: Bleach London Rosé semi-permanent dye, or I have pink hair!


I have dyed my hair many times in the past ten years, both permanent and semi-permanent dyes and probably most of the colours I can think of but I had never dyed it pink. I also had never dyed it blonde until last year so that may have something to do with it as it seems to be one colour you have to go light before you can dye it. As I haven’t dyed it pink I decided that rather than going for all out bubblegum pink or some other bright colour I’d use a semi-permanent one that has a faded look to it then it wouldn’t be too dramatic and being semi-permanent could be washed out easily. I chose Bleach London Rosé as it was a good price and being in Boots they had a small picture that was a kind of sample of what it should look like on blonde hair. It cost £5 for a 150ml  in Boots, it can be found here on their online store or in store, which isn’t too bad a price especially as in the past I’ve had to order semi-permanent ones online so I missed out the postage in this.

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