What I bought in Boots


I haven’t actually been into Boots for a while and ended up getting things I didn’t go in for, that always happens when I go in but I did manage to avoid any more makeup besides the one thing I actually had on my list which is good for me. I didn’t buy that much but I’m pleased with everything I’ve tried so far though can do a more in depth review of any of these if you guys want, just leave a comment at the bottom.

No7 Instant Radiance concealer


The concealer was one of the things I needed to get, I used to use a No7 one though they discontinued it and I went to elf and use the light concealer palette at the moment. It’s been going strong for at least a year now and although I do like it I don’t like the fact I can only get it online in the UK and I have to either pay more than the £3.50 it costs in postage or I buy a lot of other things to get the free postage and they normally get wasted. I decided to try this nbootshaul7ew ‘instant radiance’ concealer from No7, at least I think it’s fairly new as I haven’t seen it before and there was a display for it. I got the shade 01 which is the palest shade and does look slightly too orange on the brush but blends well into my skin tone, this can be seen on the left in the picture as the slightly shinier bit is the concealer blended in. So far I like the product on my hand so looking forward to trying it properly but really not a fan of how shiny and reflective the packaging is. I’m not sure how obvious it is in the photo but it’s already covered in fingerprints and it makes it very hard to read the writing on it. They have an offer at the moment where you buy one No7 product you get a second half price so I only paid half price for this as mum bought something else. Full price this is £13.50.

Yes To Grapefruit dark circle correcting eye cream


I’ve read about this company online and most of it seems positive though I hadn’t heard anything about this particular product. I do have dark circles under my eyes and have had comments about me looking tired in the past so I’ve recently been trying a dark circlbootshaul3e reducing eye cream, I had a sample of the Benefit one in a previous beauty box which I liked but not worth the price of it. This one cost £12.99 so seems like it’ll be worth the price if it works. I like the scent though was a bit wary when I first saw the cream itself as it’s slightly orange and almost looked like it had concealer in it, it just happens to be that colour because of the ingredients I think as it went clear as soon as I spread it. I like the little tip and it’s easy to squeeze the product out, can’t wait to see if this works well over time.

Yes To Tomatoes face mask


This was one of the products I didn’t intend to get, though when I saw it with the eye cream I thought I’d give it a go as I like face masks and I thought I’d see what the other ranges are like, they have various ones for different things based on different fruits and vegetables and these seemed to suit my skin the best. I like the smell and it’s nice and thick though I haven’t actually tried it yet so looking forward to a pampering afternoon with this.

Sensationail gel nail varnishes in Sugar Plum and Taupe Tulips


These were the main things I wanted when I went to Boots, I really want to see what other companies work like with the light I have. I like the fact I could see tbootshaul6he colours on the boxes rather than just see them on the computer like with the Red Carpet Manicure ones. I haven’t used them yet but the colours are pretty true to the picture on the top of the box before they’re cured. I’m planning on doing a review of this either later this week or next week. These are £15.00 which is £1 more than the other brand bottles but I don’t pay postage on these so I save when I only get a couple.

Bioré deep cleansing pore strips


I had one of these in the past and really liked it so I decided to buy a set of them. You get 6 strips in this box for £7.99 and as I’m only going to use them maybe once a month so these will last quite a while. These work well but when you remove them it’s one of those things that’s both slightly gross to look at but really interesting at the same time.

Bleach London Rosé semi-permanent hair dye


I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde for about a year and although I really like it I feel like a bit of a change so I went for this as I’ve never dyed it pink before, probably every other colour, but not pink. It’s a slightly faded or washed out looking dye which I liked as I haven’t gone for pink and it’s not a colour I’d normally go for I thought this would be a good sort of introduction to pink hair. This was £5.00 for a 150ml bottle which I am really hoping is enough to do my hair. I like the packaging and the fact you can see the dye but it does look brighter in this then it shows it will turn out so we’ll have to see what it looks like. It says it washes out in 2 – 10 washes but I know with previous dyeing attempts with semi-permanent dyes they’re almost permanent on my hair, at least La Riche directions dyes have been, so it’ll be fun to see how this one turns out.

Everything in this post can be found on the Boots website and probably in most of their stores as well as other places. I can’t wait to try some of these, I’ll definitely be reviewing the nail varnishes and possibly the dye, or maybe post a photo of the result if not a full review as I’m really looking forward to the pink hair.

I don’t know why but calling this a haul would seem weird, I don’t really like the word so I need to think of some kind of name for these kinds of posts. Any ideas?

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