Review: Cabin Pressure from A to Z

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Cabin Pressure is a Radio 4 comedy program that finished on Christmas. It has four main characters; Caroline (Stephanie Cole), Martin (Benedict Cumberbatch), Douglas (Roger Allam) and Arthur (John Finnemore), though there are some recurring characters and a lot of others they meet on their journeys, and is written by John Finnemore. It’s based around four employees, including the owner, of an independent airline (or as Caroline calls it an air dot) and their flights with passengers, freight and sometimes just by themselves. There are 4 series, a Christmas special and the two part finale which I don’t think counts as a series but that seems to depend on which website you read. Each episode is named after a city in the storyline and they travel in alphabetical order, missing a few letters on the way.

I pre-ordered this set a while ago in December and the date of release seemed to change a few times but it got here yesterday so I thought I’d do a review of the set.

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