Latest in Beauty: Glamour beauty edit box


I’ve been thinking about getting the Latest in Beauty Glamour beauty edit box since it came out though I was never completely sold on some of the products. I’ve seen reviews on youtube and read blogs on it and some of the products seemed good but I was always on the fence. Then I decided a week or two ago to get a magazine subscription for my iPad as I’m doing more travelling to see relatives and I remembered this box that includes a 1 year (or rather until January 2016) subscription to Glamour magazine, one of those magazines I tend to buy when I’m travelling to flick through in the evenings before bed or in the car. Add on the fact that it has 20% off the original price, bringing it down to around £13.60 and I was sold. It is still available here though I’m not sure if the code glamour20 still works, might be worth a try to see if it does if you want to buy it.


Iglamourbox14t cglamourbox15ame in a nice box, the standard Latest in Beauty sturdy ones that survive the Royal Mail treatment well and everything was packed pretty tightly inside some nice white and silver tissue paper with shredded paper so nothing was damaged when I opened it which I always worry about with these kinds of boxes, especially when they contain eyeshadow and eyeliners. The box itself is a really nice colour, I got rid of the last one but I think I might keep this in the cupboard as I’m currently having a bit of a sort out and nice boxes in different sizes are always useful.

The main reason I bought this box was the code for the magazine, which I’ve blacked out on the piece of card, though I haven’t actually used it yet it seems like it’ll be pretty simple. I can’t say Glamour is my favourite magazine but it’s like the other beauty/lifestyle ones that have some fairly interesting articles and I like flicking through to see clothes I will never buy/can’t afford.


This is the time where I look like an idiot and say I didn’t realise that Elnett was a L’oreal product. I have heard of both ‘brands’ though obviously didn’t pay enough attention to any Elnett adverts to notice that they were L’oreal. As far as I know this is a good hairspray and as I own it now I will be using it if I ever need one but I’m not going to be repurchasing. Any advice on good animal friendly hairsprays would be welcome as I’m going to get my hair cut short and would like to experiment with styling and something I could actually repurchase if I like it would be good.


One thing that stood out as something I’ve seen mentioned a lot on beauty blogs and videos is the Stila smudge stick. This one is in black amethyst which is the only option in the box and I’m definitely impressed with the waterproofglamourbox13, smudge proof qualities of it, it took quite a bit of rubbing with my normal makeup remover to get it to disappear completely. I like the colour though it’s not my favourite, it’s a sort of burgundy with black in, maybe it’s meant to be a black base with the darker purple on top but it’s the sort of colour that you can’t really see which way round it is if that makes sense.


The bright packaging of the Collection mascara made it stand out, the brush inside is nice and I definitely prefer these plastic ones to the more traditional mascara wands. It’s a plain black and it does come out as a dark black, I had no problem with clumping when I tried it but I don’t put more than one layer on as I just use them for the tint. I didn’t really notice any lengthening but I think the defining is probably the clump free factor as it just coated my eyelashes rather than adding volume to them. A nice enough mascara though I [refer my No7 or Soap and Glory but it’s one I’ll definitely use. As far as I’m aware Collection are cruelty free, though as it’s not on many sites’ definitive lists of cruelty free companies I can’t be 100% on that.


The Pop bands are an idea I’ve seen on a few American beauty blogs though coming from other companies. I haven’t really seen them in the UK but looking on the Sephora site they have their own in a range of colours so maybe the idea is more popular over there. I really like the colours in this set and the idea, they do seem nice and stretchy and in the tiny ponytail I managed to make with my hair there was no obvious extra kink compared to it naturally after tying it up. The only thing with these is I have fairly short hair and am planning on getting it cut shorter so they won’t get much use at the moment. I will, however, be keeping them for use in the future as I will be growing it out at some point and hair ties are always useful and tend to get lost easily.


The Burt’s Bees lip tint is a product I’ve been using for years since I got it in one of their cheap grab bags. They’re nice and light but moisturising enough that you don’t need to use a balm with them. They tend to be pretty sheer which is a good thing to me as this shade, rhubarb, looks rather bright. There is enough colour in there to be called a tint, there’s more than I’ve found with the Revlon lip butters for example, but it’s not full on lipstick or lip gloss. As the name ‘lip shimmer’ suggests it’s not matte but it’s not got a huge amount of sparkle in it, just enough shimmer to make the lips appear dewy and moist rather than full on sparkle. It also has the added bonus of being very minty, which may not be good for everyone, but it’s a lot nicer than a few lip products I’ve used in the past.


Both the shampoo and conditioner from Philip Kinsley are counted as one product together I think. It’s nice to have both parts of the set to try them and get a proper feel for the product. I also like the size of these samples, even with my thick hair I think I can probably get two or maybe even three uses from it. It’s for medium textured or wavy hair and the conditioner adds chemically treated hair in there too so I think it sounds like it’ll be good for my dyed blonde hair at the moment. As I said my hair is thick and wavy so it’ll be good to see what it looks like after using these, see if it helps keep my hair at a manageable state without adding a lot of product or straightening it. The scent is ok, nothing special but it also isn’t something strong enough that anyone would be offended by it, it’s just a ‘shampoo’ sort of smell to me, it reminds me of getting my hair done at a hairdressers.


There are two products from Vichy, the first I saw is the 3 in 1 cleanser for sensitive skin, it only has the name in French; Purete Thermale though I’m not sure if it’s sold under another name elsewhere. It claims to be a cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover in one so this should be interesting to try. I do have sensitive skin so finding products that work for it is always nice. It’s also paraben free which seems to be important to a lot of people at the moment. I’ll be giving this a go for a while though I don’t think I’ll replace my normal face wash with it permanently. It’s another nice sized sample that should be good for a few weeks I’d think though it depends how much I use each time. It smells nice enough, a sort of fresh linen or baby powder type scent which I don’t think would offend anyone but doesn’t really stand out as having a scent of its own like a lot of face products do.


The serum, also from Vichy, is the Idealia life serum. It’s a lot smaller sample size but then I don’t use as much serum as I do face wash anyway so it doesn’t bother me. It’ll probably do a week though maybe more if I have to use less than my current one. I’m not sure what it means when it calls itself a ‘skin idealizer’ but I’ll try it out, I haven’t found many serums that work for me so if this does it’ll be easier to get than the current one I use from the memebox. I can’t really smell anything on this one, either the scent is very weak or there isn’t one, it doesn’t even have that slightly plastic or face cream smell that a lot of serums have, it’s a bit odd really. This is another paraben free product.


The nail varnish in the box is from Lola, not a company I’ve bought any from in the past, and is available in either the shade stone grey, which I got, or bluebell which looks like a dull greeny blue colour to me. I’m not sure which I’d prefer, especially as I’m going more towards the gel polishes now, but this is a nice colour and not one I own already. It’s not one I’d choose to buy myself but as I have it now I’ll probably use if for something. It seems fairly thin and needed a few coats to go opaque but it did apply smoothly and the brush is nice enough.


This eyeshadow packaging is really nice though it really didn’t photograph well, I love the colour and the dglamourbox10esign on the front. I have never heard of the company, Wild About Beauty, before but if this is the quality of their makeup I might check them out in the future. I don’t know what the different colours available in the box are, it just says 6 variations on the card, but I’m glad I got a fairly neutral one as it’s a colour I could use regularly. I got the shade Polly, it’s a nice brown with a bit of bronze shimmer but nothing too sparkly, it’ll work well as a crease colour in neutral and everyday looks I think. It seems fairly pigmented, it only tooglamourbox8k one swipe to get the coverage on my hand without any primer, though it doesn’t really show how beautiful the colour is as it doesn’t seem to photograph well no matter what I tried. I think I’ll keep this, along with my No7 one from a free gift box, in my small makeup bag I keep in my handbag as the two together will go nicely.


The Skyn eye gel masks seem unusual, though they may be a product that’s around a lot and I’ve just not really seen them. They come in a sealed sachet and through it they feel fairly solid and bigger than I expected them to be. I will definitely be trying them though I think there’s only one set in there and they’re one use so they’re just a sample pack but it seems like a good idea and as I’m a fan of face masks I might enjoy these too. They say they’re for firming and cooling which isn’t something I really need them for but if I like the feel of them I might give other versions a go.


The last product is the one I’m least excited about, though I may give it a go in the summer, it’s the Xen-Tan luminous gold gel. I’m not really into fake tan, I’ve only tried a couple of times and both were definitely unsuccessful. It probably doesn’t help that my skin is very pale naturally and I actually find it hard to get a foundation that matches my skin tone so adding anything with tan in the name tends to turn out rather orange. The fact that this is the shade medium doesn’t really fill me with hope but I will give it a go on part of my leg or something first just to see. It has a seal on the top of the tube and as I don’t plan on using it soon I am leaving it sealed so I can’t really smell it, I’m just hoping it doesn’t have that strong smell that a lot of fake tans tend to have.

Overall I’m very happy with this box, especially as I got pretty much most of it free if you think about the cost of the subscription. I will use about 90% of it, the only real dud for me being the self-tan. I think even if it was full price to me it would be worth it now I actually have the products. I have bought the Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in the past and it’s always good to have mascaras to go to when the current one dries out. It says it’s £88 worth of products for £16.99 and I believe it. I haven’t worked it all out, though I probably should, but the full size Stila (around £13) and the lip shimmer (around £6) cost more than the box, especially if the offer is still on.

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