New theme!

Just a very quick post to say I have a new theme, I like the way you can find tags but not sure about the look of it really. I’ll have to make a header image but I think I like the overall look but I might be changing it again if I find one I prefer, I like it when you can see the tag cloud permanently down the side but haven’t found a free one like it that I really like the look of.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Do you prefer the old one or do you like this one? Or any recommended themes?

Recent Purchases: TK Maxx and Red Nose Day


I recently ordered a few bits from TK Maxx, I wasn’t planning on getting much besides the t-shirt but I needed a notebook and when I saw the one I felt like I had to get it and it’s for a good cause, at least I think Comic Relief is a good cause. When I was looking around the site I saw the mini bottles set of Marc Jacobs perfumes, one of them being Honey which I love, and ended up getting that too. I’m a sucker for mini things plus the fact I like having small bottles for travelling as in the past I’ve had glass bottles break and I’d rather lose 4ml of perfume than a full 30ml of 50ml. All of these products can be found on the TK Maxx website and the T-shirt and notebooks are probably available in most of the stores around the UK until Red Nose Day, 13th March, though smaller sizes tend to sell out quickly, at least that’s what I’ve found in the past.

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Reviews: Sensationail Sugar Plum and Taupe Tulips gel varnishes and a couple of dupes


A couple of weeks ago I posted about the things I bought in Boots, there were two Sensationail gel nail varnishes in it that I was really excited to try with my gel kit from Christmas so I thought I’d do a post about them and a couple of almost dupes I found in my normal nail varnish collection. These nail varnishes are for use with an LED lamp and cost £15 each, though at the moment online there’s a 3 for 2 offer on Sensationail. I’m not sure why but going through the normal links doesn’t work for me, this search does show the complete range of nail varnishes they sell on Boots.

Taupe Tulips is a light neutral colour that seems perfect for any time of year though especially in the Spring or summer as it’s slightly lighter than a lot of the neutral or nude colours I’ve seen out. It’s a great match for me as my skin is pale, for people with darker skin it might appear quite light. The Sugar Plum colour is a dark purple, definitely a really nice plum colour that I will wear a lot. It’s the sort of colour that appears a lot in the Autumn and Winter collections but I like similar colours all year round as they go with so many things.

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Fortune Cookie Soap: Alice in Wonderland Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America that make a range of bath and body products, the main product they’re probably known for is the fortune cookie shaped soaps. They have a physical shop but I buy all of their products off their website, which can be found here. They release a ‘Soap Box’ four times a year that contain sample sizes of products in the scents of the seasonal line released two or three weeks after the box arrives.

The Spring line this year is based on Alice in Wonderland, a theme that I love and was really looking forward to seeing how they did this. As it is a spring release line it contains a lot of floral scents, which I’m not particularly fond of most of the time, so wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these products but some of them surprised me and weren’t really things I was expecting either for Spring or for an Alice in Wonderland themed line.

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Review: Bleach London Rosé semi-permanent dye, or I have pink hair!


I have dyed my hair many times in the past ten years, both permanent and semi-permanent dyes and probably most of the colours I can think of but I had never dyed it pink. I also had never dyed it blonde until last year so that may have something to do with it as it seems to be one colour you have to go light before you can dye it. As I haven’t dyed it pink I decided that rather than going for all out bubblegum pink or some other bright colour I’d use a semi-permanent one that has a faded look to it then it wouldn’t be too dramatic and being semi-permanent could be washed out easily. I chose Bleach London Rosé as it was a good price and being in Boots they had a small picture that was a kind of sample of what it should look like on blonde hair. It cost £5 for a 150ml  in Boots, it can be found here on their online store or in store, which isn’t too bad a price especially as in the past I’ve had to order semi-permanent ones online so I missed out the postage in this.

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Humble Bundle weekly bundle: first impressions (kind of)


At the moment the Humble Bundle weekly bundle is kind of Valentine’s Day themed in that it contains at least one dating sim. I say at least one as I’ve only heard of two of the games before and I’m kind of unclear about whether the others are dating sims or not. This bundle is only available for this week, it has 6 days left on it so if it sounds interesting to you then I’d get it while it’s on offer as it seems a great price to me. This post is just a small description of each and my first impressions from them as I haven’t played them yet, I just wanted to get this post up while the offer was still on.

The bundle can be found here at the Humble Bundle Weekly Bundle page (the link will still work but it’ll be a different bundle after the 19th February 2015).

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What I bought in Boots


I haven’t actually been into Boots for a while and ended up getting things I didn’t go in for, that always happens when I go in but I did manage to avoid any more makeup besides the one thing I actually had on my list which is good for me. I didn’t buy that much but I’m pleased with everything I’ve tried so far though can do a more in depth review of any of these if you guys want, just leave a comment at the bottom.

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Review: Cabin Pressure from A to Z

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Cabin Pressure is a Radio 4 comedy program that finished on Christmas. It has four main characters; Caroline (Stephanie Cole), Martin (Benedict Cumberbatch), Douglas (Roger Allam) and Arthur (John Finnemore), though there are some recurring characters and a lot of others they meet on their journeys, and is written by John Finnemore. It’s based around four employees, including the owner, of an independent airline (or as Caroline calls it an air dot) and their flights with passengers, freight and sometimes just by themselves. There are 4 series, a Christmas special and the two part finale which I don’t think counts as a series but that seems to depend on which website you read. Each episode is named after a city in the storyline and they travel in alphabetical order, missing a few letters on the way.

I pre-ordered this set a while ago in December and the date of release seemed to change a few times but it got here yesterday so I thought I’d do a review of the set.

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Latest in Beauty: Glamour beauty edit box


I’ve been thinking about getting the Latest in Beauty Glamour beauty edit box since it came out though I was never completely sold on some of the products. I’ve seen reviews on youtube and read blogs on it and some of the products seemed good but I was always on the fence. Then I decided a week or two ago to get a magazine subscription for my iPad as I’m doing more travelling to see relatives and I remembered this box that includes a 1 year (or rather until January 2016) subscription to Glamour magazine, one of those magazines I tend to buy when I’m travelling to flick through in the evenings before bed or in the car. Add on the fact that it has 20% off the original price, bringing it down to around £13.60 and I was sold. It is still available here though I’m not sure if the code glamour20 still works, might be worth a try to see if it does if you want to buy it.

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