Magical Diary


Another dating sim game, this one is based in a magical school, hence the name. I bought it on Steam when it was in a sale but it’s available now for £10.99 here and can be played on Windows, Apple and Linux which is great as a lot of Steam games only play on Windows which does md_learnspellslimit the amount I could play on the old laptop. There is also a demo version along with a short video on their website, here, which is where all the images in this post come from.

This is another dating sim where stats are important. You have to work on different areas of magic to pass exams throughout the school year and the higher stats in different areas (green, white, red, blue and black) teach you different spells. Certain spells are very useful in the exams such as teleporting other and push though many of the others I didn’t use at all. There are also stats not related to the school work; weird, cute and smart can affect who you can choose as a date as well as the merits for one character.

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