Enchanted Valentine’s preview box


Enchanted are a company who make bath and body products, the past year I’ve bought a lot of Enchanted things rather than going to Lush, the scrubs and whipped body washes are especially good. Earlier this month there was a chance to order four preview boxes for this year, similar to the Soap Box idea from Fortune Cookie Soap, which contains products in each of the scents to be released in the seasonal collection. The first of these boxes arrived today and I couldn’t wait to open it.

This is the Valentine’s Day box and rather than basing it on just one theme there are two; half is based on the different kinds of love you feel throughout your life and the other half is inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. These are two very different themes so I was intrigued how they would be packaged together in one preview box.


When I opened the box the card saying what the products were and their ingredients was the first thing I saw with the ‘Fifty shades of…… Love’ design on the front. Under that the two halves of the collection were each wrapped separately; the love in white and 50 shades in black. In between was a renchantedvalentine9ose with a plastic covering and a label taped around the middle, it has been scented with one of the vault scents, a collection of scents that have been released I the past but have now become permanent. I really like this idea, it’s something different and a good way to include something that’s a more permanent product alongside the limited edition ones. The Bliss scent is a very sweet, light floral scent to me though the official description on the website says: “A euphoria inducing blend of blood orange, vanilla, resins and jasmine.” I don’t get the jasmine at all and that normally stands out to me, it’s definitely sweet and I can get the vanilla and the resins now I know they’re in there but they aren’t the stand out scents to me.

The first half I’ll look at are the 50 Shades ones.


“Japanese grapefruit, lemon, peppercorn, ginger, aquatic marine notes, patchouli, cedar, and vetiver. A hit of sexy, clean masculine scent to encourage that first desire.”


This came in a perfume oil and works really well in that product to me. It’s definitely a unisex scent, could be an aftershave or a perfume. I’m not often a fan of these kinds of scents and patchouli normally reacts with my skin and turns the scent into something unpleasant but this one it doesn’t seem to. I can’t really make out the patchouli but I definitely get the aquatic notes, a citrus scent and something slightly incensey that could be the patchouli combined with the others. It’s lovely and fresh and after a while on my skin the aquatic and citrus notes started to stand out more. The scent lasted well, about 4 hours later I can still smell it.


“An alluring fragrance with fruits, exotic florals and sweet honey. A romantic scent with an effervescent and exciting edge.”


This was a small multi-use spray which works well on your skin or hair as a moisturiser or oil, I’ve also found it works well on bed sheets though you have to be careful not to spray it too far or it can leave oil on surfaces around.

I think this is my favourite from the 50 shades side of this collection, it’s fresh and combines the fruity and floral aspects perfectly so neither overpowers the other. The scent doesn’t last that long on my skin but it’s not necessarily meant to be as strong as the perfumes. I think fans of tropical scents and sweet florals might like this, it’s not too strong and would work well in a lot of products to me, I’d like to try it in a bath bomb or something similar.


“Red wine, leather, ripe juicy black cherries, a snap of cool metal, mahogany wood bed posts and a big hit of woody Iso E Super to take you right to the edge.”


This is a luxury bath blend and free from SLS and parabens, it’s used as bath salts and has petals in that float on the water. This was one that when I opened the packet it smelled familiar and it has a similar scent to Fortune Cookie Soap’s vivid products but with something extra added to it. The main thing that stands out to me is the ripe black cherry part of the scent, it’s almost like cherry drop sweets I used to get when I was little. There is something behind it that gives it a richness, I think maybe the red wine and something that adds a freshness to it, but I can’t smell many of the others when this is dry, maybe they’ll come out more when I use it in the bath. I do have to say I’m not great at picking out individual scents in products so others probably can smell them all.


“It has long been known that chocolate releases the same endorphin as sex so what better scent to use for this fragrance. But this is no ordinary chocolate scent, it is dark chocolate infused with vanilla and night blooming flowers, just gorgeous.”


I love the scrubs and I really like the colour swirls in this one but I have to say that chocolate is not a scent I really like in bath products. This isn’t an overly sweet chocolate, more like those 80% cocoa dark chocolates you get so it isn’t as overwhelming to me as others but it’s not one I will be buying any full sized products in. I think fans of chocolate scented products will like this and it has something that adds a bit more depth than just pure chocolate. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something else there behind the chocolate.


“Warm skin musk with sweet milk, honey and melting caramel overtones to encapsulate that heart racing, hot skin, mind blown, breath catching, glorious melting sensation of the afterglow.”

I henchantedvalentine4aven’t tried the solid massage balm and body butters before so will definitely be trying this out as I like massage bars from other companies so it will be interesting to see how the Enchanted version works for me. This scent makes me think of candy corn scented products or caramel popcorn, it’s a sweet buttery scent and I don’t really get any muskiness to it. I think if you like caramel products then you might be able to tell the difference between this and one that is pure caramel or candy corn but it’s not a scent I really like, I’m not keen on bakery or sweet foody scents in products. I’ll try it, but mainly to try the kid of product than the scent.

Now onto the types of love half of the collection:

First love

“Sweet and innocent, the scent of fruity candy, berries and a bubble gum top note.”

Tenchantedvalentine2his is in a wax tart and I can’t wait to put this in my burner and have my room smell of it. I love this scent, it’s sweet candy and berries but not overly sweet and overwhelming like some products can be. I think it’s the sort of smell you get at a pick and mix stand where you have all the sweets sort of mingling together but it’s the outer scent rather than the really sweet sticky scent and taste when you break the surface. When I have it really close to my nose I do get the bubblegum and it reminds me of a hubba bubba that used to be out that was red berries, I have a feeling for some reason it was called berry blast or something similar.

Teenage Dream

“Warm and comforting with a sparkling edge, this scent captures the innocence and excitement of those first teen crushes, holding hands and first proper kisses then the sparkle of those first date butterflies and the infatuations that follow. Peaches and cream with wild berries, vanilla ice cream, smooth caramel and sparkling effervescent citrus top notes.”

This bath bomb enchantedvalentine5was the first product that stood out to me scent wise in this box as something I love. It has the same strong cherry scent to me that I got in exhilaration but has other scents to tone it down and add sweetness. I definitely smell the peach and something bubblegum scented to me is in the mix too but I’m not sure what that would come from. I like the slight freshness I can smell, I guess it’s the citrus top notes, but they don’t stand out as being particularly citrus to me. I do find that bath bombs change their scent when they hit the water often so will be interesting to see if some of the other notes come out stronger when I actually use it.

Romance in Bloom

This beautiful floral is full of romantic wedding flowers – Lilacs, violets, freesia and roses blended seamlessly with sugars, Madagascan vanilla and marshmallow cream to make it anything but ordinary, this is not your typical floral.

Tenchantedvalentine13his is a nice, sweet floral and I definitely smell the roses in here along with some violets. I love this combination, they’re two scents I like but can sometimes become overpowering especially rose. I’m not sure what it is in this but something adds a freshness in there and you can smell some sweetness though it’s sitting in the background rather than affecting the other scents too much. I really like this scent but I think of all the ones in the box it’s the hardest for me to describe. I’m glad it came in the 3 in 1 as they work really well as bubble bath as well as shower gel and I would love to soak in a bath smelling like this. It’s definitely one I’ll be buying more of when the collection is released. The 3 in 1s are paraben and SLS free and are shower gel/shampoo/body washes. This one is fairly thin and I think would work best on a shower puff thing or scrubby gloves to get a good lather. The thickness normally depends on the scents and ingredients and oils needed for them.

Baby Love

“No love is more all-encompassing than the love you feel for your baby, different to any other kind of love it is unconditional, stronger than steel and more gentle than cotton wool. This is a classic baby accord, gentle powdery florals and sandalwood surround smooth woody and musk tones. A sweet and powdery baby scent.”

I really likenchantedvalentine14e the body lotions from Enchanted, they’re thin enough that they go on easily and sink in well without leaving a stickiness behind them. To me this scent is definitely one for fans of baby powder and fresh linen scents. There’s a hint of something floral in there but I mainly get the powdery scent and possibly something a bit musky that reminds me a bit of the white musk scent that the body shop used to do (I say used to as when I smelled it recently it smelled differently than I remember it as a young teenager). It’s a nice subtle scent and one that I think works well as a moisturiser, not sure I’d use it as a bath bomb or shower gel but it works well with this product.


“A smooth floral bouquet of flowers meaning everlasting and eternal love. Forget me not, orange blossom, jasmine, water lily and orchids.”

Another perfume oil and this is a lot subtler than the other on me. I know there’s jasmine in it but I really can’t senchantedvalentine8mell it, the orchids, water lily and forget me not are the strongest scents on my skin. I can sort of tell there’s some orange blossom and some kind of strongly scented flower in there but they don’t come out on me. It reminds me of a bubble bath I used to use a lot when I was younger though I don’t know the name, it’s another scent I would like to soak in a bath of or use to spray my room.

Overall I love this box, there are a couple of the scents I wouldn’t have chosen though they’re products I like or want to try and with the sample sizes they’ll still get used. That’s why I love these small boxes so much; you get to try all the products in a range and you might find that one you didn’t think you’d like judging by the description is actually one you love. The boxes are still online though I don’t know if the 4 box deal is still going as the first box is gone or if it rolls on to the 2016 boxes. You can sign up for the next box on this page.


To me the stand out scents are anticipation, first love, teenage dream and always though I would probably buy things in other scents if these didn’t appeal to me so much. I will definitely be making an order when the full line is released on February 1st, as these are all limited edition if you want them then it’s best to order as soon as possible. The website is here and she has a facebook page here as well if you want to keep up with future releases and information on products.

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