2015: The year I become more organised (hopefully) and a couple of mini diary reviews


Every year I have the aim to become more organised but this year I think I’ll actually be able to stick to it. With my big project for my degree this year, starting this blog and trying to start up a company I need to make sure I have everything written down so I don’t get all panicky when I have three things to do at once.

I’ve always found that, although I like the idea of them, electronic calendars in my devices like my phone and iPad don’t work for me as I either don’t use them properly or I forget what’s in there. I find actual physical diaries and calendars work a lot better for me, though calendars are often left on one month early in the year (I may be looking at last year’s June calendar page on my wall as I type this). I thought this year I’d have a go at diaries and actually make a concerted effort at using them.

In the past I bought a Filofax along with a school year insert for 2013/2014 though I hardly used it past the first month, I realised that when I took it out the end of December. Unfortunately around by me all the 2015 Filofax inserts seem to be sold out so at the moment I have ordered it from a local stationery type shop. This time I’m planning on using lots of different colours for different things and using those note inserts you get with lined paper so I can make lists and insert them in the week I need them rather than have odd piece of paper floating around my room and inevitably getting lost when I put them ‘somewhere really safe’ that’s so safe even I don’t know where it is.


I decided on the personal size of Filofax mainly because the week over two pages is big enough to hold everything I need in each day (at the moment at least) and it’s still small enough that the whole thing can fit inside a bigger bag if I need it. This style is the Swift, the bird pattern goes all the way around and the metal button the elastic fastens to has a swift on it too. I really liked this design and colour, I bought it off amazon tdiary5hough it was available on other sites. Now I think it takes some searching to find this exact design but there are a lot with the same style cover with the little card inserts. I won’t use the card inserts for credit cards but it is useful for things like little notes and business cards that you might want to access easily. The organiser came without a pen but I had this Parker pen from years ago at school that I love and find easy to write with, plus it was the right size for the elastic bit down the side and slides in and out easily. As with any Filofax there is the option to add more sections, this one came with a white note pad at the back tucked into a pocket which can fit into the ring binder bit, some coloured lined pages, a few notes pages without lines and some name and address pages. There are also the separators, one lot with letters that can be seen in the photo and another with the number 1 – 6 behind them.

I really like this Filofax, it’s small and easy to use but still has the space to write more detail if needed and the extra pages have already been useful for listing possible projects and problems. I will definitely be trying to use it more and will be buying things like small stickers and possibly washi tape to decorate it and make me even more likely to use it.

diary7This year for Christmas I asked for a small diary so I can have one in my bag at all times and I won’t be double booking anything, I have been known to do this a few times in the past especially with dentists and things where the booking is done a long time in advance and then forgotten about. I got this one from Paperchase from my parents and I love it. I’m not sure of the price as I can’t find it on the site but it might be in the sale especially if they have any still in stock in stores as a lot of calendars and diaries are in offers at the moment. I love the design for this and only realised the other day that the colours of the two diaries I have are very similar, which probably sounds strange but I don’t keep the two together as this is in my bag and the other on diary6my desk. I like the fine line detail with the black lines and the colours used reminds me of vintage prints and art you see on plates for wild flowers and things. There isn’t a huge amount of space for the days but there’s enough to fit the event and time for four or five events, more if your handwriting is small or you use initials. There are also a few smaller sections at the back with a single sided page for addresses and websites and a double page planner for 2016 with some very small spaces for each date to write probably a single event in.

I love this little diary, the design, the little bookmark ribbon to help me find the page and how it’s small and slim enough to be just kept in my bag while at the same time having pages that aren’t so thin I’m scared to tear them when I write. The cover seems nice and strong and I’m not worried about the pages coming loose from the binding even with a lot of use.

I guess I’ll just have to see how much I use these but I am really hoping they’ll help me with keeping organised. I think my main problem might be making sure I keep both of them up to date with just the bigger things in my smaller diary so I don’t overcrowd it but after using them both regularly I think it’ll become a habit. I guess that’s the main thing about getting organised, especially with keeping a diary, it’s a habit and when you start then it becomes part of what you do without thinking about doing it. Unfortunately it isn’t a habit I’ve managed to form in the past outside of school planners so I’ll have to see if it’s one I can get into or if I’m forever destined to have pieces of information on paper in drawers scattered around the house.

Do any of you have tips for getting organised? Do you decorate your diary if you have one? I’ve always loved the look of the ones I see on blogs but never know where to start as mine never look as good when I try and I always like an excuse to buy more stationery and stickers!

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