Review: Funko POP! Robin Hood


This is the second part of the order I made with Amazon that included the Disney DVDs, I just thought it should have a review of its own. This is the Funko POP! figure of Robin Hood from the Disney movie, it is the 97th figure (I didn’t realise they’d made that many before now!) and comes from the 6th series according to the box. There are two other figures in the series; Prince John which is number 98 and Sir Hiss who is number 99. I think I may end up buying both of these in the future if they’re a reasonable price as they both look amazing to me, Sir Hiss especially. These figures seem to be ones that fluctuate in price quite a bit, though it seems to stay around the £10 – £15 mark on here. The Robin Hood figure is £12.99 like it was when I ordered it so this one may be staying constant at the moment.


The box for this is a fairly standard figure box with details of the other figures in the series on the back and a clear window on the front and on one side to give a front and side vies of the figure. I love the little cartoon pictures of the figure that appear to be peering round the edge of the box and the one popping up just showing his eyes and above on the side with the window. On the base is the information like where it is manufactured and the various distributers in different countries or continents. It also says that it is not suitable for 0-3 years old. The figure is held in place by clear plastic on the back, top and bottom though this is easily removed and no annoying twisty ties holding it in place so it’s quick and easy to remove it from the packaging without breaking it if you want to keep it. I tend to keep these boxes if they don’t get damaged when unpacking the figure though I just have them all cluttering up a cupboard so this may not be the best idea.


And now the figure itself. I love the Funko POP! figure look with the chibi proportions of the large head and small body. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of them in real life rather than online though I’ve been wanting one for a while most of the ones I was interested in were sold out. This figure is so cute and the design idea behind the whole range is so simple with the exaggerated proportions and simple designs, picking out the characteristics that make the particular character distinctive. I don’t think there are other companies that can be mistaken for them though there are others with a similar style using those exaggerated proportions the overall look is different.


The Robin Hood figure includes quite a bit of detail, though the character design and his costume aren’t the most intricate to start with. The string or thread on the collar to hold it closed and the detail on his belt are nice and match his movie outfit very well. I like the feather in the cap and the colours they used for the outfit overall, the slightly different green on the hat compared to the tunic and shoes.

The quiver on the back is full of arrows which have a nice pattern to show the texture of the feathers in the end. It would have been nice for the sticks on the arrow to be brown though this would probably be too detailed for one of these figures. This along with the bow are the two things that stand out in the whole Robin Hood story; how good he is with a bow and arrow is an important part of most versions of the Robin Hood story.

I love the texture in the fur and the contrasting colours around the eyes to give him the same look as in the movie but exaggerated. The paint around the eyes is a little bit fuzzy around the edges, a bit jagged like when you paint up to a stencil and sometimes it goes a bit beneath it though this isn’t obvious unless you look very closely.

robinhoodpop5There is 360 degrees of movement in the head, he can look to the side if you angle it as if he’s looking down his bow. It’s nice to be able to angle him off to the side slightly to show off his tail on the one side and his bow and quiver off to the other. After moving it a couple of times it is a lot loser as it was quite stiff to start with, it does maybe make it feel a bit loose but it seems to still be attacked well and it stays in position once it’s moved. The rest of the figure is stationary, though I think these are more for display than play so it doesn’t really matter as he comes in a nice pose that seems true to the character in the Disney movie to me. The main part of the body is a hard plastic and appears to be solid but the head is hollow to make sure it isn’t top heavy. This does make it feel light but the material it is made out of seems durable and should be able to withstand a fall if it did overbalance.

I think because of the style these might also appeal to teenagers as collectibles if they’re a fan of whatever series the figure is based on. Maybe it could appeal to children slightly younger than that, rather than very young children, to play with but I’m not sure how much playability there is with a character who can only move their head and how much they’d appreciate it when there are other figures with better play features that cost less. I’ve seen quite a few of these on the Forbidden Planet website and think they have them in stores for other series such as Game of Thrones, which would be aimed at an older audience, so if there is one near you or another shop that sells figures you might be able to actually see one to see the quality before you buy.

Overall I am very impressed with this figure, especially as I didn’t even realise they’d done Robin Hood ones until it was recommended after adding the DVD to my basket. As this is one of my favourite Disney movies I am glad they kept the character of the Disney version with his body language as it’s hard to do anything too expressive with black circles for eyes. I definitely think it was worth the money and he’s sat on my bookshelf at the moment. I think I’ll be trying to get the other two in the set as they both look good to me as well and these figures are a lot cheaper than the Nendoroid and Figma figures I’ve also been looking at especially in the UK.

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