Review: Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning and Sweet Blackberry Memories shower gels


This is a company that I’ve read good things about but the Tesco near me seems to only have coconut and vanilla scented products when I’ve remembered to look at them so when I had the chance to try these two scents I had to get them. The ‘sweet blackberry memories’ scent is limited edition but I think the ‘one ginger morning’ shower gel is a permanent product and there are others in the range. At the moment these are on offer at Tesco so they’re 2 for £4, they normally cost £2.99 each so even at full price they’re good value for 500ml of shower gel. They don’t have many on their website so I suggest going in store to see what they have near you, Treaclemoon’s own website is still showing a limited edition from 2012 so I’m not sure how often it gets updated, it’s here if you want to check it out though as I think the permanent range is still the same.

I really like the look of these products, the bright colours of the shower gels and the simple labels with the typewriter style font on them. The little paragraphs on the front are quite nice though the ginger morning one doesn’t have much to do with the scent to me. The writing on the back is done in two colours, the yellowy orange and white stand out well against the purple and the black does against the green but the orange seems to blend in and make it harder to read for me. The lids are flip top and have the fairly standard top, they twist off easily enough if you wanted to pour them. I’m not sure how sturdy the hinges are, they remind me of some Lush bottles I had problems with the lids breaking in the past but we’ll see how they last over time. The bottle itself is easy to squeeze and seems durable and flexible enough to not crack, the ginger one accidentally survived a fall onto wood floors so I know they can withstand a bit of damage even if it was an accidental discovery.


Of the two the ginger one stood out to me when I opened the parcel. The bright green colour is almost neon, it doesn’t really photograph well and seems to get washed out no matter how I lit it but it is a lot more vivid in person. The colour is the gel itself which surprised me, I was thinking it was the bottle, and it’s a nice rich thick creamy texture and a very opaque colour. The smell of this one is exactly like ginger beer and lemonade to me, there’s the sweet almost fizzy ginger scent with a hint of lemon. I would say the closest product I’ve had in the past to this scent is the Body Shop Christmas special they’ve done the past few years, sparkling ginger. A little goes a long way with this as a shower gel and it didn’t dry up my skin when I tried it while still creating quite a bit of lather especially when used with a shower puff.


The bright purple of the sweet blackberry memories is again the shower gel itself and it’s another rich, creamy gel which is pretty opaque. You know you get those scents that take you back to a certain memory, this is one of those for me. In the pick ‘n’ mix stands in the UK you get these sweets that are blackberry and raspberry shaped chewy sweets and this smells exactly like the black ones of them. It’s a very sweet smell that definitely smells of candy rather than a true blackberry, it reminds me of a blackberry version of the Lush Christmas shower gel ‘Snow Fairy’ if that helps with saying how sweet it will be, definitely not one for you if you dislike very sweet scents.treaclemoon2 This shower gel says it is vegetarian and vegan friendly with a symbol on the side, as the other doesn’t have this I would say it isn’t though I can’t really tell from the ingredients list so I included it in the picture and you should be able to read it ok if you make the picture bigger by clicking on it.

Both of these aren’t tested on animals and as far as I know none of the Treaclemoon is, though it would be worth checking each product if you get them. I really like the consistency of the gel and how luxurious it feels, especially for such a low price. The scent didn’t really linger after the shower for either and I am yet to try them as bubble bath but they did create a nice amount of bubbles and scent when I gave them a go in the sink running them under the tap. I think of the two the ginger one is probably my favourite as I find good ginger scented products very hard to find and it’s one of my favourite scents. The other is nice as well but doesn’t stand out that much compared to other shower gel companies.

They do body butter and scrubs in some scents though not all products in all scents. After trying both of these I think I would consider looking at the body butters by Treaclemoon as well if they do them in the scent ranges I like, the lemonade one sounds nice and some of the limited editions I’ve seen in the past sounded like things I’d like.

Overall I’d recommend these products and if the rest of the brand is as good then they’re definitely worth looking at especially when they’re on offer, at £2 for 500ml of shower gel it’s worth giving them a look.

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