Review: Irregular Choice Blooming Lovely boots


These Blooming Lovely boots were the first things I bought in the boxing day sales, though it was a couple of days after boxing day when I actually ordered them. I love Irregular Choice shoes, I have five pairs of high heels from them that I love and wear all the time. They’re unusual and I find because they’re so different they go with everything, which probably sounds like an odd thing to say, but they do seem to work if they’re the sort of colour you’d want to wear with the outfit.

I saw these and immediately wanted them though they do cost quite a bit more than I normally spend on shoes I had some Christmas money and had nothing else I really needed in the sales, unlike previous years where I have had a list of things I’ve planned in advance, so after a few days of wondering and them going in and out of stock in my size I got them. I bought them from the Irregular Choice site, I haven’t actually seen these boots anywhere else that I’ve found IC shoes before, and they were £89.99 rather than £120. I’m not sure if they’ll be going back to full price after the sale or it’s an end of the line situation as only selected things are in the sale. They’re also available in a dark red where these ICboots2are black, the black pair can be found here.

The first thing you see is the box the shoes come in, which in itself is a great design to me. Rather than the traditional lift off lid or flap lid you get with most shoe boxes they make them like drawers so the tray part holds the shoes. They’re pretty sturdy though the hole you have to hold to open them is a bit flimsy and feels like it pulls the front a bit if it’s full of heavier items. I have reused all of the previous boxes for various things, I have 2 in my bedside cupboard as it didn’t have shelves and they’ve worked well for a few years in there. As these are boots this box was bigger and actually feels like it may stay together even better as it’s a shiny material rather than the more matte finish I’ve had on previous boxes. The box has two handles made from the silky woven style rope you often get on high end paper bags and hat boxes. It’s strong enough to hold the boots and probably items that are quite a bit heavier as long as the card itself is strong enough to hold it.ICboots5

The main thing that stood out for me was the pattern on the material, the overall look of the boots with this material reminded me of those carpet bags you see in old movies and TV shows, the kind of bag that seemed to hold everything. The material feels very durable, like I’d imagine those carpet bags would feel and a bit like the material you get on sofas which are meant for use every day so I’m hoping this is a good sign. The brogue like details work well on these shoes to me, the black along the back, around the heel, toe and the laces adds to the overall  old fashioned, possibly Victorian feel of that I get from these but it might just be me. I’m a fan of brogue style shoes either flat or heels so this was something I really liked in the design. The shape of the shoes, and especially the heels, reminds me of something from the 1970s with the slightly flared heel and the platform on the soles.


As well as the overall look of the shoes I like the small details they always add. The design on the box is the same as the design on the soles of the shoes. I love this touch of something different on the soles so others can see it when you walk or sometimes when you sit down. This pattern does wear down after a while but the pair I have warn the most and had a few years now only the ball of the foot has completely worn the pattern off. The sole of the heel is a durable plastic with a lattice pattern which does give it a little bit of grip. As these heels have a larger surface area than their other shoes I own I’m hoping it might help even more with that but not sure so will have to see as the lack of grip on the main sole part does mean their shoes aren’t always suitable in formal places where the floor may be smooth or there is no carpet. These particular boots have hearts on the ends of the laces which is a nice touch though does mean that I would have to cut the laces to get them off if they got damaged, I’m hoping they don’t.

Inside the shoes are lined with a velvet like material that feels really soft and adds grip to your socks so your feet don’t slip and are slightly cushioned and held in place. There is also an area around the Irregular Choice logo in the centre at the back of the insole that has an iridescent blue plastic material in it that catches the light well when they’re open but is hard to photograph as they’re fairly narrow boots. When I put my hand in this felt like it might be uncomfortable on my feet but I didn’t notice it at all.

ICboots4Walking in these is really easy, I had no wobble when I tried and I think the wider base of the heel helps along with the fact the platform isn’t too big but big enough to make the slope less steep. I have a high arch which can be a problem with some shoes but these were a good fit, they’re snug without being too tight though the laces themselves start just above where I often have a problem so wouldn’t necessarily have helped if I had. I am a size 8 in most enclosed shoes due to this and I found these true to size. If width around the ball of your feet is a problem these seemed fairly wide rather than slim like some companies seem to do but pretty true to size there as well. The zip is easy to undo but holds itself up well and the laces hold themselves tied well, I think there is a bit of wax finish or something similar on them that adds grip.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase. As I said at the beginning, they are more expensive than other shoes I’ve bought but I know this brand lasts well from previous shoes I’ve bought so the price isn’t as bad when you’ll have them for quite a few years rather than the two or three some of the boots I’ve bought for half the price cost. I haven’t worn these walking around town or anything yet but I will definitely feel confident enough in them to do so and can do an updated review after if people are interested.


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