Magical Diary


Another dating sim game, this one is based in a magical school, hence the name. I bought it on Steam when it was in a sale but it’s available now for £10.99 here and can be played on Windows, Apple and Linux which is great as a lot of Steam games only play on Windows which does md_learnspellslimit the amount I could play on the old laptop. There is also a demo version along with a short video on their website, here, which is where all the images in this post come from.

This is another dating sim where stats are important. You have to work on different areas of magic to pass exams throughout the school year and the higher stats in different areas (green, white, red, blue and black) teach you different spells. Certain spells are very useful in the exams such as teleporting other and push though many of the others I didn’t use at all. There are also stats not related to the school work; weird, cute and smart can affect who you can choose as a date as well as the merits for one character.

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Review: Fossil charms and earrings


On the weekend I went shopping in the McArthur Glen outlet shopping centre in South Wales, I always go when we go to visit my grandparents and normally end up buying more than I should. The past few years I’ve been buying things from the Fossil store there, I have a silver necklace that charms clip onto and a rose gold coloured bracelet that at the moment has one clock charm on it. I normally go in to see what they have as the offers are so good.

I ended up buying three charms, two silver and one rose gold, and a pair of earrings. The earrings weren’t something I was planning on getting as I haven’t seen any of theirs that I’ve wanted in their outlet store before but they just seemed so ‘me’ and I loved them as soon as I saw them. I’ve had a bit of a sort out of stud earrings recently and wanted to get some new ones to replace the cheap ones I’d got rid of so they weren’t too much of an impulse buy, at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

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Enchanted Valentine’s preview box


Enchanted are a company who make bath and body products, the past year I’ve bought a lot of Enchanted things rather than going to Lush, the scrubs and whipped body washes are especially good. Earlier this month there was a chance to order four preview boxes for this year, similar to the Soap Box idea from Fortune Cookie Soap, which contains products in each of the scents to be released in the seasonal collection. The first of these boxes arrived today and I couldn’t wait to open it.

This is the Valentine’s Day box and rather than basing it on just one theme there are two; half is based on the different kinds of love you feel throughout your life and the other half is inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. These are two very different themes so I was intrigued how they would be packaged together in one preview box.

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Review: Red Carpet Manicure 3 weeks later and removal


Three weeks ago I wrote a review of the Red Carpet Manicure gel manicure starter set and one of the duo sets of gel nail varnish, you can read this original review here. Two days ago I decided to remove the varnish after over three weeks and see how easy it really was.

Overall the wear and look of the nails was above what I actually expected after the three weeks, definitely think the two weeks advertised should be achievable for most people as I wasn’t exactly careful not to break them and wanted to see how they survived everyday tasks. They passed the bath test, where many normal varnishes fail for me, multiple times, survived opening boxes and being nipped a few times by an overly curious gerbil.

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2015: The year I become more organised (hopefully) and a couple of mini diary reviews


Every year I have the aim to become more organised but this year I think I’ll actually be able to stick to it. With my big project for my degree this year, starting this blog and trying to start up a company I need to make sure I have everything written down so I don’t get all panicky when I have three things to do at once.

I’ve always found that, although I like the idea of them, electronic calendars in my devices like my phone and iPad don’t work for me as I either don’t use them properly or I forget what’s in there. I find actual physical diaries and calendars work a lot better for me, though calendars are often left on one month early in the year (I may be looking at last year’s June calendar page on my wall as I type this). I thought this year I’d have a go at diaries and actually make a concerted effort at using them.

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Review: Funko POP! Robin Hood


This is the second part of the order I made with Amazon that included the Disney DVDs, I just thought it should have a review of its own. This is the Funko POP! figure of Robin Hood from the Disney movie, it is the 97th figure (I didn’t realise they’d made that many before now!) and comes from the 6th series according to the box. There are two other figures in the series; Prince John which is number 98 and Sir Hiss who is number 99. I think I may end up buying both of these in the future if they’re a reasonable price as they both look amazing to me, Sir Hiss especially. These figures seem to be ones that fluctuate in price quite a bit, though it seems to stay around the £10 – £15 mark on here. The Robin Hood figure is £12.99 like it was when I ordered it so this one may be staying constant at the moment.

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Review: Limited edition Robin Hood and Mulan Disney DVDs


Two of my favourite Disney movies when I was little were Mulan and Robin Hood so when I got some Amazon vouchers for Christmas I decided to get them, these are the 21st and 36th in the series of ‘Disney animated classics’ with the limited edition slip cases over the covers. I’ve loved the look of these classic collection DVDs since I first saw them and as these two were a good price I thought they would be a good start to the collection if I get the rest. They do seem to range a lot in price, even in the 3 or 4 minutes I was on Amazon Mulan came down by over £2 and Robin Hood by about 50p so it might be worth keeping an eye out for the changing prices if you want any of the limited edition collection. I’m not really going to review the movies themselves so much, it’s more the specific edition of the DVDs. These are also available in Blu-ray and in some instances these are cheaper, at one time the Robin Hood DVD was £20 and the Blu-ray £13, I chose the DVD version as I don’t have a Blu-ray easily accessible and like to be able to watch things on my laptop as well.

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Review: Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning and Sweet Blackberry Memories shower gels


This is a company that I’ve read good things about but the Tesco near me seems to only have coconut and vanilla scented products when I’ve remembered to look at them so when I had the chance to try these two scents I had to get them. The ‘sweet blackberry memories’ scent is limited edition but I think the ‘one ginger morning’ shower gel is a permanent product and there are others in the range. At the moment these are on offer at Tesco so they’re 2 for £4, they normally cost £2.99 each so even at full price they’re good value for 500ml of shower gel. They don’t have many on their website so I suggest going in store to see what they have near you, Treaclemoon’s own website is still showing a limited edition from 2012 so I’m not sure how often it gets updated, it’s here if you want to check it out though as I think the permanent range is still the same.

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Review: Irregular Choice Blooming Lovely boots


These Blooming Lovely boots were the first things I bought in the boxing day sales, though it was a couple of days after boxing day when I actually ordered them. I love Irregular Choice shoes, I have five pairs of high heels from them that I love and wear all the time. They’re unusual and I find because they’re so different they go with everything, which probably sounds like an odd thing to say, but they do seem to work if they’re the sort of colour you’d want to wear with the outfit.

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