Review: Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and Touch of Bling gel varnish duo

gelset1For Christmas one of my big presents was the Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and one of the nail polish duos they sell on their site with ‘9 inch heels’ and ‘sapphire and ice’. The set sells for £65 and the duos are £24.95 on their site which you can look around here.T here is a pro set with a more powerful LED light that was sold for £89.95 at the time but it didn’t include some of the other things this one did so adding those on would have put the price up even more.

gelset9I’ve been looking at gel kits for the past year as I love doing my nails and trying different colours but it never seems to last that well on me, a week is the top really and by then it’s starting to chip and some colours this really doesn’t look good. I’ve never had my nails done professionally as I don’t have that much energy with M.E. and I sort of feel like if I can do something at home and get a result I like then it wouldn’t be worth the money to me personally. However I have always liked the idea of gel nails so this at home kit seemed like a perfect match. As there are a few out there at the moment I read various reviews and this one seemed to fit with price and the final result. I also got a set of two other colours so I could have a bit of a range to try, I don’t wear red that much so the purple and blue in the set appealed to me and the colours I often choose. Continue reading “Review: Red Carpet Manicure gel polish starter kit and Touch of Bling gel varnish duo”