Advent day 24


The hand cream I got today is from Natio Spa, the ‘heavenly hand cream’ that claims to soften hands and strengthen nails so it’ll go well with yesterday’s nail strengthener. The tube is 20ml so I think it’s the size you’d either get as a larger sample or maybe in a gift set rather than as a full size product.

I actually really like the tube itself as it’s got a nice feel, the matte finish makes it feel smooth and the lid definitely stays on well so I could put it in my bag without worrying about it. I’m not so keen on the colours used but they do go with the scent.

The scent for this reminds me a lot of the Body Shop hemp hand cream, it’s a very herbal scent though it doesn’t linger which is good for me as it’s not a scent I particularly like for hand creams. The cream is a nice consistency, it’s fairly thick without having the texture of a body butter like the hemp one does to me. It sinks in really quickly without leaving a greasy residue and my skin feels nice and smooth and moisturised.

I’ve had a look on google and I can’t find anywhere in the UK that says it stocks this product so I can’t find a price. I also don’t know if their site ships internationally as they’re an Australian company, the full size 90ml tube of this hand cream costs $9.95 which would convert to £5.20 which seems a reasonable price though the shipping would put the price up a lot if they do ship internationally.

This is definitely a product that I would consider buying again if it was available in the UK to have in my bag. The hand cream I normally use is the one from soap and glory which I do love but the scent can sometimes be a bit strong if it clashes with my perfume so something like this where the product scent disappears quickly would be a great one to be able to top up if my hands felt dry.

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