Advent day 23


The products today is Renunail’s triple strength pomegranate nail varnish, I think that pomegranate is the name rather than referring to any particular ingredient in the varnish. The box says it contains calcium, kerotin and bamboo which I think make up the ‘triple’ part of the name. When I saw this product on the back I was interested to see what it was like, I love doing my nails but they can sometimes become a bit brittle so it’s always fun trying new products that claim to be strengthening to see if they actually work.

I was expecting this to be another of those clear varnishes you can also use as a base coat rather than this red. The picture is true to life and although it’s a bright red there’s a sort of blue or pink tint to me that stops it from being the traditional bright red varnish. I really like this colour and I’m planning on wearing it over Christmas with the OPI snow globetrotter I bought earlier this year. I can’t comment on how strengthening this product is or how chip resistant as I have only been wearing it an hour or so but it does seem like it will last well looking at its appearance on my nails compared to others that last well.

The bottle is a nice shape, I like these square bottles, and the brush is one of those fairly thin ones though it does get a lot of the product on it and it easy to use to apply the varnish. I’m not normally very good at applying nail varnish without it getting on my skin around my nail a bit as well but I didn’t have that problem with this. I think the longer white bit on the lid that you use as the handle makes it easy to grip.

This product is full size and, from the sites I’ve found it on, appears to sell for £10 – £14 though Tesco have a set including this for sale alongside a clear topcoat and a glass nail file for £10 here. I think this seems like a good nail varnish though there doesn’t really seem to be a range of colours compared to a lot of companies, their own website has 6 and google doesn’t give that many colours in images. If this works as a strengthener I might look at the more nude colours so I’ll have one to use more regularly as I don’t wear red that often.

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