Advent 22


The Vaseline tin in today’s advent window is aloe scented and was a product I used to use a lot when I was in sixth form. The tin says it is part of the Vaseline vintage collection and is a limited edition version though I think that this scent is available all year round with a different tin. I like the bright green and traditional style of the print on the front, it makes it a bit different from the normal half white and half darker green that this has had when I’ve bought it in the past.

It has the consistency and appearance of the original Vaseline though has a fairly strong scent, to me it’s slightly perfumey but is definitely a plant scent. I’m not sure how close it is to pure aloe but has that sort of smell to me.  For me I found that this did help my lips more than others when they’re cracked or sore as it seems to soothe the stinging when they are particularly dry. It is the same sort of effect as with aloe based after sun products.

The main reason I had to stop buying this is the fact that it isn’t animal friendly which means I won’t buy it again though as I have it I will use it. I should have researched these products more rather than just buying the calendar as I try to only use products not tested on animals. This is available pretty much anywhere and is often in stands by the tills in places like Boots and some supermarkets especially around this time of year. It costs £1.99 as the recommended retail price for the normal tin so I think this should be that price too though it seems this is normally only available in gift sets. A more animal friendly alternative I’ve found is the Superdrug tin that looks a lot like this, they don’t do an aloe one but the scents they do all seem to work well and have the same benefits plus they’re cheaper (£1.49 for the original tin and pink spf 15 one).

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