Advent day 21

advent21Today’s advent present is the mini Denman brush, it’s about the length of my middle finger so a lot smaller than I expected it to be and includes a keyring on the end. When I saw this on the back I was expecting the brush to be in one of the bigger doors but it was in one of the smaller ones, it does mean it’s nice and portable and fits on a keyring easily without getting in the way of other things. I like Denman brushes, I used to use them all the time, though in the long term I found the rubber part that holds the bristles used to deteriorate over time and it would break on one side especially if you use products in your hair. This is in the traditional Denman colours, or at least the colours I’ve had all past brushes in, I like the combination of a bright orangey red with the black and white.

The main part of the handle is a hard shiny plastic which can be slippery if you have wet hands but with the size of this brush and being able to hold the whole thing comfortably rather than just the handle this may be less of a problem. The bristles are held in place by a rubber part which can be pulled out and put back in easily if you need to clean it for some reason. The bristles have no balls on the end like a lot and are hard so they can get painful if you have hair that’s tangled and you have to make an effort to brush like mine is when it’s long but it does glide through the hair really easily. It’s definitely portable but the bristles sticking out mean it may be uncomfortable and poke you if you had it in a bag and rummaged around in it and could damage some other things in the bag as they’re not very flexible.

I have found this on a variety of sites though most have them listed as out of stock though the price is between £2.50 and £3. I like the brush but I don’t think I’d buy it for myself as I don’t brush my hair often and hardly ever in the day.

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