Advent day 18


Today’s product is another full sized product and one I think I will be using quite a bit. It’s the emergency file from Stylfile, a nail file designed to be used on the go and kept in your bag with the spiral cover to protect the other things next to it. The first thing I saw was this cover, it seems like it’ll last well as it’s a strong plastic though it may bend over time, I’ll have to see. As the shape is at the moment it holds the file in well without making it difficult to get the file out. The keyring loop on the end means it can be attached to keyrings or your purse so it’s easy to find, I probably won’t be doing this but it’s nice to have it as an option.

The file itself is a good shape, the S means that you have a curve going both in and out on both sides, one side will give you a curve on the tip of your nail when the other side can help wear down certain points if you have a broken nail. One side has the normal nail file which works well as a file and the other side is a lot smoother and designed for smoothing ridges on your nails. I haven’t tried this side as I have nail varnish on but I have wanted a good buffer for a while so I’ll see how good this one is.

I have found this on a few sites and it seems to range in price from £3 to £4.50 so I’m not sure what it will cost in shops near you as it seems like a lot of places stock it. I think if you want a travel nail file this would be worth looking at, as a nail file to use at home I don’t think it would be as it’s more expensive than a lot of files and no matter how good a nail file is if it’s this kind of surface it will wear down and need to be replaced.

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