Enchanted Christmas review


This Christmas’ theme was New York and all the scents are based on places and things found around the city. I did get the sample set for these so I knew what the scents would be like in advance and bought products in three of these scents though afterwards I realised I wanted to get some in the gingerbread scent which was amazing too. I loved all of the scents but these three were the ones that stood out to me.

I got the sugar scrubs, body cream and 3 in 1s as these are my favourites. The 3 in 1s work great as shampoo as well as a shower gel and make a lot of bubble when used as a bubble bath, they aren’t too drying either which can be a problem with some shower gels for me. The sugar scrubs are nice as they aren’t too scrubby, the sugar dissolves when you use them but lasts long enough to properly scrub your skin, I especially like these in the summer when they help keep my legs nice and smooth. The body creams are thick and sink in really well, they leave my skin feeling moisturised but not greasy and the scent lasts a long time, with some of the stronger ones I haven’t bothered with a perfume and just use these.


I bought the snowflakes gift set as it was around the budget I had set myself of £50, if I don’t do that I end up with a basket full of things and spend too much! There were two products that you chose the scent in; a shimmer balm and a bath bomb which had a few different choices for scents. The rest of the box was whatever you wanted within the normal range though the amounts and sizes were set. This set came with 8 products in it from any of the Christmas scents. I love the box itself, I tend to keep these as they’re great for storing things. I really like the decoration on the outside, it’s simple and goes with the blue and white theme inside with the shredded paper.


The first scent I chose was Buck’s fizz at One Fifty One which is described on the site as:

“Bucks Fizz at One Fifty One: As of October 2014 one of the hottest cocktail bars in New York is the One Fifty One. This traditional Christmas cocktail brings together fresh orange and champagne with the addition of sparkling pomegranate for a fruity festive fragrance.”

I love Buck’s fizz scented things and orange in general so this was one I had to get a few bits in. I chose the 3 in 1, sugar scrub and body cream so I could use them in the bath and shower and layer them. It’s nice and fresh and all three smell the same, which may sound an odd thing to say but some companies vary between products. It smells exactly like when you open a bottle of Buck’s fizz, it somehow smells a bit fizzy even, especially the 3 in 1. Of the three 3 in 1s I bought this is the thinnest but it works really well as a bubble bath or on a shower puff which is how I tend to use shower gels anyway. The scrub smells really good and the body cream has a strong scent that lasts really well, it doesn’t really change when you put it on your skin so it’s true to how it smells in the jar.


The second scent I got includes two of the products that were already in the set, sleigh ride in central park. This is described on the site as:

“Sleigh Ride in Central Park: A real Christmassy scent without being typical. This is a fruity sweet concoction with just a hint of snowy pine and a snap of cool peppermint. You can actually smell the cold!”

This describes it pretty well, the main scent to me is a sweet fruity candy sort of scent with a hint of peppermint in there to freshen it up. I don’t really smell the pine in it which is odd as I often find that can be overpowering in scents that include it but it’s good for me that it hasn’t. It might be adding a bit extra to the peppermint without me noticing it, I’m not sure. Overall the scent reminds me of when you go into a traditional sweet shop with a hint of everything without it being obvious what each scent is besides the mint. I chose the 3 in 1 and scrub and the two products that came with this are the glitter balm and bath bomb. I love the mould for the bath bomb, it’s very detailed and really goes with the scent, I do find the mint a bit stronger in this than the other products but that’s when it’s dry so I’ll have to see when I use it if that changes. The shimmer balm says it’s iridescent blue which I was a bit worried about whether I’d use it much but it’s a very subtle amount of shimmer in it so you shouldn’t look like a sparkly vampire if you use it as anything besides a perfume. I think I’m mainly going to use it as a perfume for a subtle hint of fragrance but might use it elsewhere for a bit of sparkle at Christmas. In the pot this smells minty but when I put it on my skin after it warmed up it had the sweet scent of the others.


The final scent I chose was snow covered skyline which is another fruit based scent, I seem to go for these especially around Christmas. The description online is:

“Snow Covered Skyline: The big apple under a blanket of snow, fluffy white marshmallow with red apple and a slosh of cranberry to make it a little more festive.”

I love apple scents and you can definitely smell the apple and cranberry in this though it isn’t as sharp as a lot of others around at the moment. The marshmallow doesn’t really stand out but it does sweeten the overall scent. This is a nice comforting scent to me and it really reminds me of something I’ve used in the past though I can’t remember what it was. I also have to say I love the colour of this 3 in 1, they all stand out with their different colours but this one does especially to me.

These aren’t available any more as Enchanted seasonal products are only available for a limited time though the product types are available in other scents throughout the year unless it says on the Enchanted site that they’re closed.

I’m really pleased with these, I already knew what the scents were like so what to expect but they can vary between products. I would definitely recommend checking out the site www.enchantedbath.co.uk as, even though these exact products aren’t available, there are a lot of other scents and a good range of products to try. I think next year I’ll be buying even more from here rather than going for certain other brands I have in the past.

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