Advent day 17


Today’s mini perfume is one that I remember having years ago, it’s a bottle of Ghost perfume. It’s one of those scents that Boots used to include in the Christmas samples sets they did for perfumes.

I seem to remember it being in a moon shaped bottle but that may have been another version of Ghost that was done in the past. I like this bottle though, it’s a simple design that stands out to me with the frosted glass and the name in silver along the bottom so it doesn’t take over the bottle but it’s still there. The top is a simple stopper like a lot of these sample sizes but the hole is bigger so it’s easier to get the actual perfume out. It is quite hard to get the lid off which might be annoying but it does mean it should be safe in my bag if I wanted to travel with it.

The notes I could find for this on theperfumeshop are:
Heart notes: Jasmine, Hibiscus, Apricot
Top notes: Ambrette Seeds, Rose
Base notes: Incense, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Amber

When I first put the perfume on it smells of rose and some kind of sweet fruit, it almost reminds me of some I’ve smelled that have lychee as a first note. At this point I really like this perfume but after an hour it seemed to turn into a more powdery rose scent with a hint of sweetness behind it which isn’t a scent I would choose really. Maybe because it’s one that I’ve smelled before and I think of it as the typical perfume smell I find it hard to distinguish any scents after the first couple of hours and it just turns into a scent I can only describe as ‘perfume’. It could also be the fact the base notes include musk as musk scents were my perfumes of choice when I was younger. It has very good staying power, 5 hours later I could still smell it when I moved my arm without really sniffing my wrist which is impressive to me.

This perfume is pretty widely available, the 30ml costs around £24 and the 50ml is around £33 from the online stores I could find it on. At the moment leading up to Christmas there is also a 30ml gift set with a moisturiser for £24 as well so that is probably a better option if you were thinking of getting the 30ml bottle.

I think for me this isn’t a perfume I would buy, it’s a nice scent but as I can’t find any specific scent after the initial burst it’s not one that would stand out. I will be keeping this and using it at times, maybe more in summer as it’s quite a bright scent to me. It might be a nice scent to give as a gift for a teenager or someone who likes bright or rose scents as reading other reviews it appears it keeps the rose scent for most people. I might be mainly associating it with teenagers as that is the age I first smelled it and it seemed popular then, I’d think it would be one that probably wouldn’t be too age specific though.

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