Advent day 16

Sorry about the pictures in this one, the sun was so bright today it was hard not to get some reflection. Today’s product was a 30ml tube of Baylis and Harding body lotion in the scent ‘sweet mandarin and grapefruit’. I’ve tried their products before, though I’ve mainly smelled them when mum got given them as gifts, they’re normally good quality and to me seem like a fairly luxury brand, though this may be due to us only getting them in presents, so I was happy to get this. I’m not sure if the scent is the same for everyone who bought the advent calendar as on the back of the calendar itself it just says body lotion without any scent in the title.

It’s nice looking packaging, it’d go with any bathroom as it’s white and silver and uses their classic design but is simple and clean enough not to stand out amongst more modern packaging. The matte white gives a good contrast to the very reflective silver parts which means that the writing is still easily read as this can be a problem when something so shiny is used for text. The lid twists on like a lot of these kind of products and seems to stay closed pretty well, I wouldn’t have any problems with putting this in my bag.

The product itself has a fairly subtle scent for something citrus based, they often can be quite strong. It was so subtle that in the tube I could hardly smell it though it became slightly stronger when I tried it on my arms. It must be the mandarin in it but it’s quite a sweet citrus scent rather than being sharp and there seems to be something almost floral when I put it on my skin. Having found the official description on their site after smelling this I found it also includes orange blossom and jasmine in there which would explain the floral, though I couldn’t identify the jasmine so it must be very subtle as that normally stands out on my skin. Overall the impression I get is a nice moisturiser scent with a hint of sweet citrus rather than the bright citrus scent I was expecting. I guess this goes with the other products of theirs I’ve tried as they normally seem to have a floral or herb scent in them, I just wasn’t expecting it in this as the others have tended to be floral scents as their main note. It sinks in really well and a little goes a long way, it comes out as a thick cream but melts almost instantly on my skin and doesn’t leave that feeling of a film on my skin like some products do.

I think in another scent I would really like this, it’s just not what I was expecting reading the scent. If you like floral scents mixed in with citrus rather than straight fruity scents then this might be worth a smell. I can’t find this product anywhere full sized, it is included in a mini set from boots with others from this scent collection here for £8. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s around Christmas and they’re focussing on other scents and their sets that this scent isn’t available in a body lotion but I’m sure I’ve seen this at other times in the year. The scent is available in a range of other products in quite a few stores so if you like the sound of it it might be worth looking for them instead first, I think for me it’d work best as a shower gel if the scent is strong enough.

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