Advent day 15

Today’s door had three sample size products in it, two sachets of Royal Moroccan serum treatment and one of Royal Moroccan hair mask treatment. These are small sample sachets and I think would only contain the amount for one use though the mask may not have enough as my hair is very thick. The back of the calendar does say it should have one shampoo instead if one of the serums but I think I prefer it this way as I like the shampoo I use now as it’s a toning one and my hair is blonde and I like argan oil serums.

These both contain argan oil and the serum smells of coconut, I was expecting it to smell of roses or floral scents as this seems to be the most popular scent for argon oil products I’ve tried in the past. The scent is nice enough but smells like any other coconut product, this always reminds me of sun cream and summer. The mask smells more like I’d expect, a sweet floral scent that is pretty strong and there’s definitely something in there which reminds me of incense. I like this scent and hope a hint of it lasts after the product gets washed off.

The serum is nice and thin so should easily spread through my hair without it being too thick and leaving the layer of oil some do. The mask is a thick consistency and feels like it should coat my hair well, I will be trying this the next time I wash my hair. These are both products I will use or at least try though the small amount does mean I will only get the one use out of the mask, the serum I’d think should last longer as I never need much of these kinds of products.

I could only find this available in the UK on the fragrance direct website for£8.99 (RRP £14.99) for a 250ml jar of the hair mask, I could not find the serum. Both seem to be available on amazon if you’re in the UK. They have their own website,, though I’m not sure where they ship to as they don’t appear to have an FAQ section that I could see.

I’m not sure I would buy any of these as full size products but if they were available easily in the UK I might. I’ll see what the mask is like as I think of the two this is the one I would most likely get.

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