Fortune Cookie Soap Christmas order

After receiving the Soap Box I decided to make an order from Fortune Cookie Soap on the night the Christmas range was launched. Their Christmas range this year is themed around the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I stuck to four scents, only one of which I actually got in the soap box as they were the four possible whipped creams, and got a range of products in them including the mini set of whipped creams in all four of the available scents which could be given as a gift set. If you want to read my reviews if the other Christmas scents my Soap Box reviews can be found here. The entire range can be found on the Fortune Cookie Soap website though some things are out of stock, they do restock though so it might be worth looking in the future if something is out of stock that you want.

I got fortune cookie soaps, body washes, mini whipped creams and bath fizzies as these have been my favourite products from past orders. The fortune cookie soap and bar soaps are really nice, have a lot of scent and the scent normally seems to longer for a while. When I first saw the fortune cookie shape I thought it wouldn’t last that well but even using scrubby gloves they last a good amount of time and produce a nice lather. The body washes are moisturising and create a lot of bubbles, they don’t work so well as a bubble bath as the bubble seem to fade quickly but the scent fills the room. The whipped creams are rich and I find they do tend to sit on my skin a bit rather than sinking in but they’re so moisturising I just use them in the evening or when I’m wearing trousers so it doesn’t matter so much. The bath fizzies have a strong scent that lingers and fills all of upstairs until the next morning, some do seem to leave a bit of a ring if they’re brightly coloured or have glitter in them though this is easily wiped off if you do it when you’re emptying the bath.

The first scent I chose was SQUIRREL! I got the small whipped cream, a gelato fizzy and a fortune cookie soap in this scent. This is described on their website as “A festive blend of apples, sun ripened strawberries and plums dancing with zests of orange and a splash of lime.”

I can definitely smell the apple with a hint of other fruit to add some sweetness to the fresh apple smell. I can’t really distinguish the different scents but when I used the fortune cookie soap I got the citrusy fresh scent. I think of the four scents this is the one that varied the most between the different products, they all have the same apple base scent to me but the gelato fizzy is a fresher scent where the lime can be smelled before it is used and the whipped cream is a more subtle scent and sweeter.


I only bought body wash and mini whipped cream in the scent ‘jelly of the month club’ which is described as: “Succulent strawberries, sweet vanilla sugar, sticky syrup and a squeeze of fresh orange.”

This scent is definitely strawberry, it smells a lot to me like the base is similar to the body shop strawberry so not like true fresh strawberries. It’s has a sweeter scent and a hint of what smells to me like apple rather than orange. It’s a nice sweet scent, very sticky sweet rather than fresh fruit. The scent is very close to each other thought he whipped cream is a more subtle version of the body wash. The wash becomes a sweeter vanilla scent than in the bottle and the scent lingered for a while after I used it.

The scent I got the most products in was ‘bend over and I’ll show you’ as this was the one that I had already smelled in the soap box. I love the look of the soap in this as it has so many colours with the holographic glitter in it. This is described on the site as: “Tart cranberry, crisp pine and herbal spruce warmed by clove and a splash of sweet mandarin orange.”

Although this says there is pine in it I do not really smell it, normally that’s the scent that stands out to me when it’s in products. To me this is mainly a a cranberry scent with some orange and a hint of freshness that could be pine or mint but it’s not really obvious which. The body wash is a lot creamier than the others scent wise and sweeter with less of the piney freshness. The other three are the same scent but the whipped cream is a lot more subtle, the sharpness is most obvious in the fortune cookie soap.

The “jello surprise” products all stood out because of the colour, I did not expect them to be so bright. This is described online as: “Festive plum with a zesty curl of citrus all wrapped up pretty-like with winter orchid and soft sandalwood”

For me this is mainly citrus, it definitely smells of lemon jelly, a mix of sweet and sharp lemon. When I used the soap it did have a hint of something earthy but it’s mainly a citrus scent. This is basically the same between the three types of product with the shipped cream being slightly subtler but no one note being more obvious than in other products.

I love all of these products, though I chose scents I thought I’d like as I normally like sweet and fruity scents. I definitely recommend this company if you like sweet or fruity scents, to me they do these best. They do other scents as well but as these are my favourites from most companies I’ve tried more to compare.

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