Advent day 14

Today’s product is another face mask, the ‘delicate boosting mask’ from Dead Sea Spa Magik. A 75ml tube of this costs £7.70 on here which is three times the size of this so as I think this seems to have enough for two masks that should hold six masks worth of product.

I haven’t tried this product on my face yet but it felt nice when I used it on the back of my hand. It is designed to deeply nourish dry/sensitive skin and it definitely seemed to make my hand smoother and the skin where I applied it felt moisturised. It has a nice consistency, similar to a cream, and applies easily and smoothly. It is a pale cream colour with small blue flakes in it. The scent is similar to a lot of spa themed products you can buy, a nice fresh scent with a hint of the sea and is definitely a scent I wouldn’t mind having on my face for 10-15 minutes which does affect how much I use these kinds of products.

This is another product I’m happy about, I like trying new face masks and this seems like it’ll be good. The fact it’s made for delicate skin, I hope, means I shouldn’t have any problems with it and it isn’t likely to be drying. I will have to try it and see but if it works on my face like it did with my hand then I might consider getting this in a full size product especially in the winter when it’s more drying with heating which appears to dry out my skin more.

Fortune Cookie Soap Christmas order

After receiving the Soap Box I decided to make an order from Fortune Cookie Soap on the night the Christmas range was launched. Their Christmas range this year is themed around the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I stuck to four scents, only one of which I actually got in the soap box as they were the four possible whipped creams, and got a range of products in them including the mini set of whipped creams in all four of the available scents which could be given as a gift set. If you want to read my reviews if the other Christmas scents my Soap Box reviews can be found here. The entire range can be found on the Fortune Cookie Soap website though some things are out of stock, they do restock though so it might be worth looking in the future if something is out of stock that you want.

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