Advent day 13


Today I got a ‘reflect and perfect’ compact mirror from Tesco. I can’t find this on their website but I would guess it’d cost maybe £3 if they have it in store. It’s smaller than the other two compacts I have and is a good size for a pocket or the small compartments you often get in handbags.

It has two mirrors, according to the information on the back one is a normal mirror and the other has magnifications x 3 though I can’t work out which is which. I’m not sure why this is, normally there is an obvious difference to me. Even holding it so the two are flat my face looks the same in both halves. One is circular and the other square and both are very clear.

The hinge is fairly stiff though this helps with keeping it up by itself if you did want to put it on a surface to use and can lean quite a long way back, somewhere around 135 degrees without it falling over so half way between 90 and 180 degrees. It’s made of a black plastic and looks like it should be resistant to knocks and easily wiped clean. The finish is nice, it appears to be matte and smooth but has a texture in the finish somehow that gives it a bit of sheen and not a plain smooth surface when it hits the light in different ways. The clip clasp holds it shut very well though this does mean you have to use both hands to open it rather than flipping it open like with some.

Overall I think this is a nice product, if it costs around £3 or less then it’d be worth it but if it’s more I’d say probably not. I might see if the magnification is a mistake on mine or if it’s the packaging though if it’s not sold in stores I’m not sure what they could do about it. Even with this problem it’s a nice mirror, I might take it with me when I travel as it’s good for places where there isn’t a mirror or the mirror isn’t in a convenient place for putting on your makeup.