Advent day 12


Today’s product is another which Tesco themselves don’t appear to stock which I find rather odd considering it’s the Tesco advent calendar. It’s the Korres citrus shower gel in a 50ml bottle which is a pretty good size for travelling.

I’ve heard of the brand before and it’s mainly been positive though I have never tried any of their products myself before this. Korres are based in Greece and this product says it is silicone free and mineral oil free so if they’re things you look for particularly in products it might be worth looking for these in a store near you as there seem to be quite a few stockists in the UK and I think it’s even easier to find in other countries.

The bottle is fairly plain but sturdy and the lid screws on easily but stays put, even when I’ve left it on its side there was no leaking so it does appear to be a good bottle to reuse for travel. The grip pattern on the lid also means you can tighten it to make sure it’s closed but it’s not too hard to undo even if you have wet hands.

The gel itself is a fairly nice scent, there’s definitely citrus as the main note but there’s quite a strong hit of something herbal I think. I’m not sure why but this reminds me of the kinds of smells you find in hotel rooms in those little bottles of shower gel and shampoo. It’s not a stand out scent for me but it’s nice enough and I’ll definitely be using it. I have tried a bit and it’s a nice consistency, thin enough to get out of the bottle easily but thick enough you don’t lose half of it down the drain. It worked really well on the shower puff thing I have, made a lot of lather and I only needed very little for the shower. Without the puff however it wasn’t so good for me, it didn’t really lather and so it just felt like a sort of layer on my skin more than some other shower gels. I prefer my gels to make bubbles even though I’m not so bothered with this in soaps, I’m not sure why. This didn’t react with my skin or dry it out which is good and there was a hint of the scent on my skin for a whole after the shower, there was maybe half an hour where it was noticeable.

It is available on their website in a 250ml bottle, so 5 times this size, here for €10.30 which is £8.17 according to an online converter. This makes it more expensive than most of the UK sites I found it on so it might be best to search around for this and see where you can get the best price. It seems reasonably priced for a nice shower gel though I’m not sure I’d pay that much for it when there are cheaper brands out there that do scents I’d prefer. If you like the combination of citrus and herbs or green scents though this might be worth a try if you can find one near you and you like to use shower puffs or scrubby gloves.

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