Advent day 11


When I saw the list of products on the back of the advent calendar the So Eco brush was one that I was most interested in trying and today’s products was the foundation brush. I always choose cruelty free brushes and at the moment my go to brands are Elf and Eco Tools so it’s always nice to try another brand especially when it’s one I’ve never heard of. The only physical shop I can find in the UK that sells these is Sainsbury’s and their range online can be found here, it shows that this brush was £8.00 so more than the Elf ones but still not overly expensive if it works well.

The packaging for this product is all made from eco friendly materials as well as the brush itself so follows on from the name and image of the brand. It’s fairly simple packaging with a window that let’s you see the product and has a nice paragraph on the back about the eco friendliness of the product and what the product we should be used for.

The overall appearance of this brush is very similar to the Eco Tools ones I have with a bamboo handle and the similar colours in the packaging. The bristles are two tone with a darker tip which is apparently so you can tell how much product on there which seems a nice touch though not really necessary as I think most foundation would be a different shade than the bristles are. They’re cruelty free and really are very soft, compared to the two other liquid foundation brushes I’ve tried this is a lot softer but also a lot denser which I think would help to smooth the product on more evenly.

As I don’t currently have any powder foundation I can’t really comment on how well it’d work for that, I might try it if I get any in the future though. I don’t tend to wear liquid foundation, I find BB creams work better for my skin, so I won’t get that much use out of it but I thought I’d give it a go with the product I normally use. I chose the Pro Formula BB cream I use most often to see how well it would build up compared to using my fingers. It did get a nice amount of the product on the bristles without absorbing too much itself which can sometimes be a problem. When it came to applying it the brush was very easy to use and applied evenly though as it didn’t really rub the product in it did seem to take longer to sink in and also applied it thicker than I would normally. As the end has a nice curve it was easy to get into some of the areas that may be harder to get at like around the nose and under my eyes without going too close to them. At the end there didn’t seem to be much wasted product left on the brush though it’s quite hard to tell as it’s so dense, I didn’t get much product on the back of my hand when I brushed it on there to get rid of any excess left over.

The only negative is the hassle of having to buy online as we don’t have a Sainsbury’s near us and the extra postage if this is the only product I wanted to buy which would put the price up. I don’t have a foundation brush from Eco Tools but if I get a brush from So Eco that is comparable to one of the Eco Tools ones I have I would be interested to see how they do compare side by side as this feels softer than the brushes I already own.

Overall I’m very impressed with this product and will definitely be looking at their other brushes when my current ones go.

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