Advent day 10


Today’s advent calendar product is the Nip and Fab ‘viper venom eye fix’ which can be bought at Tesco for £7.49 here. Although it is also available in other stores as far as I can tell it’s the same product size but twice the price in Boots.

I have never heard of this brand before though I have tried other roller ball type eye products and haven’t been that impressed so wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this. I’ve had a problem in the past with the product building up a bit on the side where the ball goes back into the packaging which made it harder to use next time if I forgot to wipe it. With this I don’t seem to have the same problem, though it’s only been a day I’ve used it a few times and no build up yet. I think this may be because it seems a lot thinner than the other gels I’ve tried so coats the metal ball in a thinner layer.

As far as I can tell with google and their website this product is cruelty free and also vegan friendly as it is not in their list of products which are not vegan. This is definitely a huge plus compared to previous roller ball products I’d tried as they were before I really started checking properly all of the companies I bought from and weren’t as animal friendly as I’d originally thought.

The roller ball packaging is nice, a fairly standard shape for these products but it works well and the curved shape fits well in your hand so it’s easy to apply. This gel is fairly thin and the rollerball quite loose so one swipe was enough under each eye. The gel sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling or that feeling of having a layer on top of your skin that some gel products seem to leave. I can’t smell anything when I use it on my hand which is good as I don’t really want perfumed products around my eyes.

As I’ve only been using this for one day I can’t say about any long term effects but I do like it so far. In the short term it’s definitely got a ‘wake you up’ feeling when I put it on though I’m not sure if this is mainly because it’s a metal rollerball and therefore cold rather than any effects of the ingredients.

The ingredients it lists as having positive effects on their own website are:

syn®-ake: tenses + smoothes
liftonin xpress: provides tightening effect
red algae: decreases the appearance of dark circles

I’d say so far my skin does feel smoother on the parts of my skin I’ve used it than those around and it does seem to make it nice and soft so should make it easier to apply concealer than when my skin is dry. I’ll definitely keep using this product and see if I find any other effects but if it still works when I’ve finished this one I might buy one. I have dark circles under my eyes and if this helps then it’s a lot cheaper than other products I’ve used in the past

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