Advent day 8

Today’s product is one that takes me back to when I was little, I’m sure that someone I knew must have worn this perfume though I have no idea who. It’s the ‘red door’ perfume by Elizabeth Arden in another 5 ml bottle. Unfortunately it was very hard to get a good angle of the box as the gold is very reflective and I’m still camera-less, hopefully it shows it well enough though.

I really like the design of the bottle, the simple glass base and the red semicircular top with a gold band is simple and does give it a classic feel though it could have been designed at any time as it’s so simple so wouldn’t necessarily look out on place amongst more modern bottles. The top stays on very well and there were no spills when I tried shaking it or holding it upside down though I wouldn’t recommend keeping it in a bag as it’s just being held in my the stopper for the bottle rather than attaching round the edge.

The official scent notes I found on for this perfume are:
“Heart notes: Jasmine, Moroccan Orange Flowers, Ylang-Ylang, Vibrant Red Roses, Oriental Orchid
Top notes: Rich Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Wild Violets, Forest Lilies, Carnation
Base notes: Sandalwood, Oak Moss, Honey, Spicy Vetiver”

For me the carnation is the stand out scent, it’s an almost spicy floral that lasts on my skin so almost overpowers the other scents. There is a hint of jasmine which always goes a bit odd on me so this isn’t a perfume I would wear but it’s a nice warming one that I like and will probably open and smell it at times. Because of the carnation being so strong on me it’s harder to pick out any of the notes that are meant to grow as that fades though I do get a more powdery quality and maybe lilies later on after wearing it for a couple of hours. I might be smelling the spicy vetiver along with the carnation giving it extra punch but it’s not obvious.

This is a fragrance that has been sold since 1989 so it’s a classic and this paired with the Elizabeth Arden name probably does help to make it feel more sophisticated and grown up to me. Although this scent is floral it’s a spicy, warm floral rather than the lighter scents I tend to associate with the word. It’s quite a rich scent to me and a little goes a long way. It has a very good throw and lasted well on my skin, hours later and the scent is still going strong.

It definitely seems like a grown up scent to me that wouldn’t be so popular with teenagers though it would depend on personal taste, it’s definitely not one I would get for someone without knowing they liked it. The price tag, £25 RRP for 30ml and £35 for 50ml, was lower than I expected and it seems to be available from a large range of shops. Not one I’ll be buying now for myself but it’s definitely one I might try in the future so will be keeping this sample.

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