Advent day 7

In the calendar today was another perfume though this one is larger than the others and looks a good sized product. It’s the Candy Kitten turquoise perfume in a 20ml spray bottle. I have to say I’m not that impressed with this one, though it isn’t one of those that gives me a headache it doesn’t really leave much of an impression. It’s a nice enough perfume and reminds me of a Charlie one I used to have when I was younger, I think it was called ‘instinct’ but may be wrong as they seemed to do so many. I wasn’t able to keep this on my skin for long as it did react to it but that happens fairly often so it’s not the perfume’s fault it’s just my skin acting up again! It does mean I can’t comment on if this scent changes later or how long it lasts though.

The bottle itself is nice enough, feels like it would work as one to have in your bag and wouldn’t break if it got knocked a bit but I haven’t tried this to be sure. The lid stays on well and doesn’t fall off when knocked which is always a good thing if you’re thinking of travelling with it. The design overall is pretty standard for a purse sized bottle and the spray is nice and even.

The official scent description given on the Tesco website is:
“The fragrance opens with a bright burst of citrus from bergamot and apple, followed by an enchanting heart comprised of earthy cedar wood and tender jasmine. The fragrance dries down slowly to a wonderfully sensual mix of earthy sandalwood and creamy vanilla”

From this to me it sounds almost like it should be somewhere between the other two perfumes in this calendar, Paul Smith’s ‘extreme’ and Katy Perry’s ‘meow’, and I’d say that probably sums it up. It definitely doesn’t stand out like the Paul Smith one in the day 3 of this advent calendar but is a fairly light and fresh scent as opposed to the sweet scent of the Katy Perry one. It’s definitely a fresh perfume to me rather than fruity or earthy as the description seems to suggest. I do get a hint of floral but it is the general floral perfume scent you often get to me rather than being able to pick out a certain flower.

I think their target audience if probably teenagers, maybe younger teenagers or girls who are just getting into perfumes though that may be because of it reminding me of the ones popular with my friends at that age. The price range is definitely on the cheap side though I couldn’t find this outside of a gift set, they have this set of 6 products including the ‘purse sized’ bottle that was in the calendar and a 100ml bottle for £16.66 at the moment.

As I have this perfume I might try and spray it on my clothes and use it but I wouldn’t buy it myself. I think the gift set might make a nice present for a younger teenage girl or someone who likes these sorts of scents as I think it’s a fairly inoffensive scent and not one of those with an unusual note or a niche market.

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