Advent day 6


Today’s product is a mini soap from the little soap company. The box is nice and simple which goes with the image for the company and I liked the little quote on the flap. The soap itself looks fairly plain too, it wouldn’t stand out in a shop with lots of colourful products around it but it’s the ingredients, or lack of certain ones, that sells the product rather than its looks especially as a sample soap in an advent calendar.

It’s a nice and fresh scent though I’m not sure what the name of it is, it seems to have a hint of citrus in it to me. There isn’t much lather but I’ve found that’s how a lot of the SLS free products I’ve tried are and it doesn’t bother me at all as long as it works. It’s a nice size to try the product out and it didn’t dry my hands out when I tried it like a few other companies do so that’s definitely a plus for me.

They say the soap is free from:
* Detergents
* Alcohol
* Parabens
* Sorbates
* Silicones
* Sulphates
* Preservatives

So if you are looking for a soap without any of these ingredients I think this may be one to consider. They sell soaps and liquid soaps in unfragranced and scented ranges on their site here and the full size bar soaps seem to be priced around £5 for 110g in the handmade range. They are stocked around the country in Waitrose, Tesco and Warner’s Budgens according to their site though I haven’t seen them near me, I’ll have to ask next time I go into one of these.

I really like this although I wish I knew the name, it may be an unscented soap and it’s just the scent of the soap mix itself I’m smelling but it’s very nice whatever it is. I may have missed it on the box but I can’t find a name anywhere. I will definitely be looking at these when I want to get more soap, I currently have a list of companies I want to try and the little soap company is going in the list to try some of the other soaps and see if this is an unfragranced one or not.

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