Advent day 3

Today’s advent product is a 5ml bottle of Paul Smith’s ‘Extreme’ perfume. This is the first of the perfume samples, or maybe that should be mini perfumes as this is bigger than samples I’ve had in the past. I’ve never heard of this before but I always like trying perfumes and it’s great when they’re big enough to try a few times and this is 5ml so I might take it as a travel perfume if the lid is safe enough.

The official scent notes for this (as taken from many websites) are given as:

Top note: Blackcurrant, mandarin, freesia
Heart: Violet, heliotrope
Base: Amber, musk, sandalood, cedar

This smells amazing, when I first put it on it’s quite strong but within minutes it’s less in your strong and a nice strength for perfume. On me its first scent seems quite bright and earthy which sounds like a strange combination but works, there’s also a definite hint of pepper which brings it all together for me though this isn’t in the official scent list. After an hour or two it’s dried down and is a musky, amber scent with a hint of floral that makes it a bit different than most amber scents. I had it on when I had a shower a couple of hours after using this and after that there was still a hint. I did reapply it and 6 hours later I can still smell it so it definitely lasts on my skin. It’s a nice warm scent and very unusual. It seems like it’s one of those love it or hate it scents but I’m definitely in the love it group.

The full size 30ml bottle of this is available from Boots for £17.99 so I guess it’ll be the same price or similar anywhere that sells it which seems a very good price to me. As it’s also available to buy with Boots points I think I’ll be waiting until I have enough and treat myself to it.

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