Advent day 1


The first product in the advent calendar is a pair of fake eyelashes by Eylure. I’ve never used fake eyelashes before so have no idea what they’ll be like to apply but it’ll be fun to try them, I might have a play around and possibly wear them for one of the family meet up meals we’ve got coming up before Christmas if I can get the hang of them.

This set is number 116 and is part of the  Naturalites range that Eylure do. They do look nice and simple, no fancy bits and they gradually get longer towards the outside of the eye which should give a nice sort of winged look. The lashes themselves are in small groups of around 7 individual lashes and they’re all different lengths though the middle in each seems to be the longest so it’s a sort of pointed shape for each group. There are gaps between these groups but they’re all attached to the one thin piece of plastic which is fairly clear or flesh toned so hopefully should blend in with the eyelid without standing out too much. I think these will blend fairly well with natural lashes, though as they’re very curled I will definitely have to curl mine when I try them.

I’m sure I’ll make a lot of mess trying these but it’ll be fun and I’ve always wanted to try fake eyelashes just never known which to get or known when I would wear them. Now I have some I’ll be trying them out and might try others if I like the effect.

I don’t have the prices on the advent calendar but looking on the Eylure website these are sold for £2.99. It also says that this set is designed to lengthen shorter lashes and I can see it doing that without making it too obvious that you have fake eyelashes on as there are gaps and there aren’t that many lashes on the strip unlike some where there are a lot.