Tesco beauty advent calendar

Every year I have an advent calendar though I think this is the first where I don’t have a chocolate one. There were so many beauty ones around I wasn’t sure which to go for, I was tempted by the you beauty because of the brands and different products but it was mainly the discount and I realised there were quite a few things I didn’t want. I did order a Ciaté mani manor but it was out of stock when my Asos order was dispatched so I didn’t get it. The third one I found within my budget was the Tesco one and I’m so excited to open the doors. This was for sale in Tesco for £49.99 and was available on the Tesco club card boost scheme if you have a club card. I’m not sure how long this will be available once advent has actually started but it appears to be in stock on Tesco direct. Sorry in advance for photo quality, my camera is still broken so I’m having to use the iPad.
I was surprised when my order arrived and the advent calendar had its own bag, a nice detail not that I’m likely to use it again. The bag has the same front as the advent calendar; a simple white background with silver writing on it. It was bigger than I expected though I think is mainly due to the fact the others I’ve seen fold in half an open like a book whereas this has two single layer card doors on the front that open and have a ribbon loop to use as a handle, they’re held closed with a small piece what looks like double sided tape or something sticky that sticks just enough to hold it closed but doesn’t leave residue on the part with the doors.

IMG_1298.JPG When opening the doors I really like the design they’ve chosen for inside with the frozen forest look in white and blues. The doors are all different sizes depending on the product behind them and like most advent calendars the numbers are all dotted around in no particular order. On the back is a list of each of the items though not in the correct order, at least that I know of as I haven’t opened them all.
IMG_1296.JPG I am planning on doing a blog post for each day’s product with a short first impression type post and photos unless they’re something I’ve used before where they’ll get a better review.

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