My Geek Box November 2014


This is the first time I have got a My Geek Box and I was so excited, especially with the couple of hints about the T-shirt and I guessed right. Not sure there could have been a better first box to get for me.

My Geek Box is a subscription box based in the UK full of geeky and sci-fi things, similar to Loot Crate in the US. You can subscribe to the service to receive a box once a month but they also have the option of a one off box for the next month. I went for the one off option after seeing unboxing videos of the October box and seeing that this month’s theme was the best of British. Their website also sells some items from past boxes so if you missed out on something you’d have wanted then there is the possibility they have it there. Their website is . Buying these one off is £14.99 but this price does go down per box when you subscribe for longer. This box is not available any more but you can buy the December one if you want.

Every month there’s a mini magazine with a couple of articles in. The magazine in this box has Simon Pegg on the front and includes a review of Alien: Isolation, a page on the new George R. R. Martin’s new book on Westeros and a couple of pages on Hellbound Media.


The first thing I looked at was the box of Dennis the Menace ‘weirds’ sweets which are basically nerds. The packaging opens the same as nerds and the sweets themselves look like nerds in grape and strawberry flavours. They don’t taste very strong, there’s a hint of something strawberryish with the strawberry ones though it’s not obvious which berry it should be, it’s a bit of a generic summer fruits kind of flavour. The grape ones taste of a very weak fake grape candy flavour, I normally love grape sweets and you don’t get them very often in the UK but these aren’t that good. The texture of them is also a bit weird, I expected them to be crunchy like nerds but they’re kind of soft and melt a bit when you bite them rather than crunching. Not something I’d ever buy but as a small part of this box they’re ok.


The comic book looks good, I’ve never read any of the 2000 AD series before and I’m probably not going to read more as I don’t really read comic books but it seems ok. I’ll keep it with the few others I have but not something I’d buy on its own.


Fans of any Sherlock Holmes will probably like the Baker Street sign. I’m a big fan of the Arthur Conan Doyle books and my favourite incarnation is definitely the Jeremy Brett Holmes from the 80s and 90s but do still like the new one. This would appeal to fans of different versions, not just the recent Benedict Cumberbatch one as this is used in a lot of them. It’s a nice metal sign that feels a good quality though I haven’t taken it out of the packaging. The holes in the corners should make it easy to mount on a wall and I’ll probably put it on my desk rather than on a wall at the moment and it seems to stay stood up pretty well when leant against something.



The biggest thing in this box is the set of Thunderbirds shot glasses, there are 5 to go with the 5 Thunderbird vehicles. My favourite was always 2 as it could carry the others and I used to watch Thunderbirds a lot as it was on at tea time in the evening. I don’t drink so won’t really use the shot glasses but the designs are nice and I might use them for something else if I can think of anything. At the moment they’ll just sit in the box until I have something to do with them as I don’t really have space to have them out on the side though they would be a nice display item as something purely decorative with the different designs. The glasses seem good quality and heavy, they feel like they shouldn’t get knocked over easily as they have a nice heavy base.


As a big fan of Doctor Who I like the small cyberman stuffed toy keyring thing though it’s bigger than any I use so it’ll probably sit on the side or in with a lot of my other little doctor who collectible bits. It’s one of those toys where it says set phrases when you press the certain point on it’s chest and when this thing talks it’s a lot louder than I expected. It seems pretty sensitive as it keeps on talking when it gets dropped, not sure if that’s a good thing if you did decide to use it on a bag or something as it’ll start talking unexpectedly. It’s another thing I wouldn’t buy myself but it’s a nice enough small toy and might make a good stocking filler for a Doctor Who fan if you don’t like it yourself.


Saving the best till last: the T-shirt. On the My Geek Box twitter account there were a couple of clues ‘A-star’ and ‘bugging’ in different tweets. After reading these I was crossing my fingers for a Red Dwarf T-shirt and that’s what we got! I love this t-shirt and the colours they chose for it. It’s a schematical report of Star Bug with a bird’s eye view of the spaceship and with points around the edges containing details like the crew and weapons on board. Size wise it seems like the women’s sizes are pretty accurate, the size 12 in this fits me as well as size 12 t-shirts in most high street stores I buy from. The T-shirt material feels good quality and the print seems like it’ll last well so this is definitely going to be a T-shirt I wear a lot. I finally have a Red Dwarf T-shirt, I don’t really have any Red Dwarf merchandise just the DVDs and a couple of videos. This is definitely my favourite thing in this box.

mygeekbox11   mygeekbox9

Overall I really liked a lot of the things in this box and it was nice to have a broad range of British things from the past as well rather than just focussing on current popular British geeky things. I don’t think I’ll be subscribing but if there’s a box with a theme I think I’d like then I will definitely be buying another in the future though probably sticking to one off boxes.

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