Fortune Cookie Soap: Old Fashioned Family Christmas Soap Box

fcsxmas9 Fortune Cookie Soap is a company in America who make bath and body products that aren’t tested on animals and their signature product is a soap shaped like a fortune cookie that contains a ‘fortune’ inside. They do collections inspired by themes such as Harry Potter or Beetlejuice and both the products and the fortunes inside them are based around these. They release large collections 4 times a year; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and they have a subscription service where you get a Soap Box full of samples of products in the new scents before they’re released. These boxes include 2 full size products as well; a fortune cookie soap and an OCD hand sanitizer. fcsxmas11

The soap box itself is a small cardboard box and inside you get a piece of card with descriptions of the products and scents and a code on the back with a voucher for $10. The majority of products are the same but there is normally one product, often a whipped cream, that has different varieties within the boxes so people will get different scents bbut you only get the one to try. Click on the thumbnail on the right to see this in full size and read the official descriptions of the products I got and the alternative scents in the whipped creams. fcsxmas9

This Christmas Soap Box is based around the movie franchise of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the names are all quotes or associated with it. The packaging on this theme is the snowy outline of a roof with lights on and along the top there’s a garland of green fake pine with gold baubles and some old fashioned bulb lights dangling from each side so a very traditional looking Christmas decoration theme that goes with the name and the movie. fcsxmas8Moose mug cuticle butter is meant to smell of egg nog, not a scent I particularly enjoy normally, and I think this is probably true to the egg nog scent. I haven’t actually smelled egg nog that I can remember so I can only say the description is spot on for me; it’s a creamy rich scent with a hint of alcohol that isn’t mentioned. I’ve liked their cuticle creams in the past; they sink in well though can leave my skin feeling a bit greasy for a bit though they work really well at keeping my nails nice. I won’t be using this because I really don’t like the smell but mum will probably get it. FCSxmas1Mele Kelekimaka OCD is a hand sanitizer that’s a bright blue colour which does go with the name and scent as it’s a tropical coconut. To me it just smells of straight coconut, it’s not a very festive scent and another one I’m not a fan of, though I will be using this one as I like their hand sanitizers and this isn’t as strongly scented as the cuticle cream. These OCDs are full size as they sell these smaller sizes, and last a long time, I haven’t had to buy another hand sanitizer since I’ve been getting the soap boxes though I don’t use them that often. fcsxmas4‘Tis the season to be Mary is another full size product in the shape of a fortune cookie soap. This one is described as sweet almond with a hint of tobacco and to be honest I don’t really smell either of these in it. To me it’s a fairly light scent and seems almost floral or fresh like a cotton or fresh laundry type smell. I like this though I think it works best as a soap, not sure I’d buy it in a product that left the scent for longer. fcsxmas3Sparky is a really buttery bakery scent to me, though I’m not sure I smell any pumpkin in it it’s a fairly subtle smell to me. The hydrate me products are meant to be used in the shower as a moisturiser which is left on rather than washed off and soaks into your skin. I like the idea but the colour of this one didn’t really work with it in my opinion as I ended up with green legs. fcsxmas5The whipped cream I got was in ‘bend over & I’ll show you’ which I like a lot more than I expected to reading the description. In the past I’ve found products with pine in it tends to be the overpowering scent to me but in this the cranberry, clove and orange seem to be stronger and there’s a hint of something fresh rather than being able to tell it’s pine. The whipped creams I always love though they don’t sink into my skin very well so I use them at night so it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit greasy as I have my pyjamas on. The other scents all sound good too, I think they sound like the ones that appeal to me the most of all of them in the box so I was a bit disappointed to not be able to smell them too but I might make a Christmas order with them in anyway. fcsxmas2I pledge allegiance, Amen! Is a shower steamer which looks like a small bath bomb that you put on the floor of the shower so it dissolves as you wash and the scent surrounds you. This is definitely a strong scent and a good Winter one as it had the head clearing effect of eucalyptus or mint when I used it. I could definitely smell the mint but again not a huge amount of pine to my nose. fcsxmas6Fried pussycat is a whipped soap which I think is a new product. There have been problems with this product I think reading their facebook page about some becoming deflated rather than having the whipped appearance. I think mine may have deflated in transit as it seems to be less than a third full but the scent is amazing so I’ll forgive this teething problem and it worked well for me. I’m not sure if it was more concentrated because there was less air but the amount I had was enough for more than one shower when using a shower puff thing. I get the plum scent in this, it has a sweet and fruity scent with vanilla though I really don’t smell any jasmine and that’s something that normally stands out to me and goes a bit off on my skin so this was a nice surprise after reading the description. fcsxmas7Christmas bonus is a deep conditioner which I think is another new type of product. I haven’t used this yet but it does feel very thick and conditioning. At the moment I’m not sure there’s enough for my hair, I’m guessing it’s for hair anyway, as it’s very thick but I will be trying it when my hair has been cut. The scent is a mystery and there is a prize for guessing it so I’ll leave it a mystery in here.

For me this box is great, there are only the two products that I don’t like which is good for me in a Christmas range as there always seem to be a lot of bakery and foody scents at Christmas time which are not my favourites. I like the idea of the soap box as it reduces the chance of getting something you don’t like if you’re planning an order of the seasonal products and you can try the whole range and product types you may not normally buy, the steamers would not go on my list normally for example.

Everything in the Christmas range is going to be released on 21st November with a launch video, I think if you’re in the UK it’s in the middle of the night though so the 22nd is when it’ll be online if you’re not staying up to watch. Their products can be found on and their permanent line has a good range of scents and products as well.

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