Memebox: CutiePieMarzia collaboration 2


For anyone who hasn’t heard of memebox it includes products from Korea and can be shipped internationally. Rather than the normal subscription services where you pay once a month and have to unsubscribe they sell it one box at a time and they have a lot of boxes to choose from on their site including boxes released in the past if there is any stock left. A lot boxes sell out quickly and it’s a good idea to buy it as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Most of the time there is a spoiler for one product though the rest are all a surprise and they’re normally based around a theme of some kind. They also do a lot of collaborations and this box was made with CutiePieMarzia from youtube. These boxes are available on and they add more regularly.

I decided to get this box as they had a preview of all of the products in advance, I’d liked the idea of the subscription box without a subscription style but after seeing some unboxings and reviews always worried I’d end up with a box that had nothing I’d want in. The preview video I saw was this one over on her channel on youtube.

I got these products a couple of week ago now though so this review is after I’ve tried them all and used them multiple times.


Inside the pink bubblewrap envelope was this box which is pretty sturdy and definitely one I’ll be keeping to store other things in. I really like the colour and design on this box and the way it shows it’s different than the other non-collaboration boxes. Inside the box is a lot of pink tissue paper so the products survive the long journey and it’s all tightly packed in so no chance of them bumping around on their way here. I like the way the little booklet has a description of who CutiePieMarzia is as, to be honest, I hadn’t heard of her before and it’s nice to get a little paragraph on who chose the products. It also gives the prices of each product and all of them included in this box are full size so it’s a good way to work out the value of the box if bought separately.


The first thing that stood out to me was the apple, which is sat out on my side and looks nice as a decorative thing as well as having the product inside. It is the ‘red appletox honey cream’ by Tonymoly and the packaging definitely fits with the product name. It does seem a bit bulky for the amount of product you get but I like it so much I’m prepared to forgive the extra packaging. The product itself is a bit of a strange consistency and reminds me a bit of a gooey paste rather than a face cream but it does work really well when you do as it says and pat the product on rather than trying to rub it in, at least for me. A little goes a long way and I didn’t need a whole spatula full for my entire face, though the spatula definitely helps when getting this product out of the pot as otherwise it’s a bit messy and you can end up with too much when just using a finger. The scent of this is amazing, I love fresh apple scented products and this definitely fits the packaging and it’s nice and refreshing and not the overly sweet fake apple smell you can sometimes get in products. This product is 80ml and costs $12.


The Cheek Room ‘lip balm clover’ in 05 cherry clover is nice though the product itself to me is nothing all that special. The packaging is pretty and the green clover in the middle of the clear jelly like balm does stand out. I’m always happy to get lip balms though as my lips dry out a lot and it’s a pretty tin to go in my bag so it’s a nice product to have. It’s fairly moisturising but not as good as some I’ve had, probably I’d say level with an average lip balm for me. The cherry scent is nice and it doesn’t sit on the lips too much so it wouldn’t be a problem if you don’t like that sticky feeling you can get with some products. Buying this product in stores would cost $12.


The Shara Shara ‘petit friend matte lip crayon’ I got was in pure pink which is a nice sheer pink colour that just gives a bit of sheen to lips rather than changing the colour of them. The packaging is nice and it’s the twist up chunky pencil style that a lot of companies are doing at the moment. It doesn’t have a scent which could be a positive or negative thing depending on how you feel about lip products and scents and it’s definitely nice and smooth when applying it. I did try to photograph the colour on my hand but I don’t think it’s really shown as it’s so sheer but it does make my lips feel soft and it’s convenient to have in my bag. This would cost $11 buying it separately.


Another product from Shara Shara, the ‘triple colour shine shadow’ was included and I got the trio in 01 pink violet. The packaging is nice, small enough to fit easily into a bag to carry with you for touch ups if you wanted and the girl’s face on the front is a cute and cartoon style. The colours are nice enough, not ones I really wear though the peach is nice and would work for me as a highlight colour. They are definitely shimmery and stay true to the colour in the packaging when applied and the pigmentation is alright, probably around the level of the mid-range products available in the UK. They were easy to apply and blend well together though the shimmer does tend to spread a bit unless you just pat the product on. I would definitely have preferred the yellow brown palette but I might get some use out of this if I feel like doing a purple look. These would cost $15 if bought separately.


The biggest box inside the memebox was this serum, the ‘jeju hallabong energy mild all-in-one serum’ made by The Yeon. The bottle of this is nice, a simple design that’s easy to use and the pump doesn’t seem to get blocked up with the product between uses which can be a problem with pumps I’ve found in the past. The product smells amazing, like fresh oranges, and definitely makes me feel more awake when using it which is probably due to this. This is great in the mornings though it isn’t so good in the evenings so I’ve either not used it in the evening or done it a while before I got ready for bed. It’s fairly runny for a serum though sinks in really well and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and so far my skin hasn’t reacted with it which has been a problem in the past with the few serums I’ve tried before. This product is 100ml and would cost $20 if bought separately.


The final product in the booklet is the Revecen ‘face control foundation’ in violet. This seems like a nice enough product but does not work for my skin as mine has a more pink base than yellow and this is aimed at ‘controlling dull, yellow skin tone’. It also didn’t help me with reducing any redness though I’ve never really found that purple based ones do for me. I couldn’t do a proper review as it did nothing colour wise but it did seem nice and was easily applied. It’s easily warmed up enough to apply with fingers though I didn’t try a brush so not sure if too much product may be picked up if you did use one. It doesn’t have a strong scent unlike some foundations and doesn’t feel like it adds a layer to your skin which is good for me as I don’t like the feeling you often get with foundations. This was 17g and costs $22.

memebox9There was another product in my box, I’m not sure if this was an extra or if it just wasn’t included in the leaflet so I don’t know the actual price of it full size as it seems to cost different amounts on different sites when I put it into google. It’s the ‘bee tox control cream’ by Dr. MJ. I like the outer packaging on this one, the hexagon shape is unusual and reminds me of honeycombs which I guess it what it was designed to look like. The jar inside is nice as well and doesn’t appear to have a fake bottom inside like many do so looks like it’s full of the cream and it’ll last a long time with the amount of cream I normally use on my face. I was a bit wary about using this as it says it contains bee venom though I didn’t seem to get a reaction on my hand. I haven’t used it on my face yet but will do now I’ve tried it a few times on my hand. The cream itself is fairly thin and sinks in nice and quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. The scent is light and smells like a few other face creams I’ve tried which isn’t unpleasant but doesn’t have an obvious scent either. I’m not sure if this is full size but it’s 55ml and a good size jar so I think it might be, I have no idea of the price though.

I would say in this box my favourite is the apple cream though I’m not sure I’d repurchase any of them full price. They’re all products I’ll use and enjoy apart from the violet foundation so it’s a good box for me. It is no longer available but I’d definitely recommend looking on the site to see if there’s anything you want to try and looking in the sale section of the store for individual products as they have some good reductions. I bought a set of eyeliners at the same time that are really good so will be looking in their sale section for more bits in previous boxes I missed.

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