Review: Soap and Glory makeup Christmas gift sets


I have been a fan of Soap and Glory bath products for a while as they last a long time and I like the scents though I hadn’t tried the makeup range until last year when they had a set for half price in boots in the pre-Christmas ‘better than half price’ weekly offers they do. This year I decided that I would buy a couple of their makeup gift sets before Christmas rather than, as I have done the past couple of years, wait until they’re in the half price sale after Christmas and miss out because they’re all sold out.

This year Soap and Glory have again released a range of makeup gift sets as well as their bath product sets. I bought two of these sets in the Boots 3 for 2 gifts offer; the crazy sexy kohl set of smoulder kohl eyeliners and the perfect ten palette for eyes.

The first thing about the crazy sexy kohl set that I noticed when my order arrived was the size of the packaging around the set; it’s a lot bigger than I expected it to be given that it’s just 4 eyeliner pencils. Inside the box was a silver bag, which although it’s got a nice pattern and appears to be well made I’m probably not going to use as I already have a lot of bags this size from various free giveaways and other sets. It’s a nice silver colour and seems like it would be easily wiped clean so would work well as a makeup bag when travelling though it seems a bit small to fit some larger products in. The pull detail on the zip is a nice detail with the Soap and Glory logo on and is a good size to hold to open the bag with the logo providing some grip.


The eyeliners themselves were wrapped in a stripy tissue paper, which I am definitely going to be reusing for Christmas presents, so were well protected and haven’t been damaged in the journey. The colours included in the set are; superblack (black), cocoa bean (brown), blue my mind (deep navy/black with blue shimmer) and aquabat (green shimmer).


They’re very soft and easy to use and do create a good smudge effect when use with a smudge brush or sponge, though they do dry fairly quickly and once they’re set they’re there until you remove them with makeup remover so can’t be smudged easily at this stage. It took me 3 washes with soap to get the swatches off my hand so they seem like they’d be waterproof as it says on the pencil. sandg4The black is a very dark black and only took one stroke to get a good, dark colour rather than the two or three that some need. The cocoa bean brown is darker than I expected, as I swatched this first I almost thought I’d picked up the black instead going on past experience with some black eyeliners. It’s darker than the end of the pencil and seems a bluey brown rather than the orangey brown I’d expected. The blue your mind pencil is also darker than the end with it appearing a dark navy, almost black base and a blue shimmer on top of this rather than the metallic blue colour the end has. Aquabat is exactly as you’d expect looking at the pencil and I think this is my favourite, it’s a green metallic shade and a lot brighter than the other three in the set. Overall this set is definitely worth the £14.00 it retails for in Boots and even better if you get it in the 3 for 2 offer on at the moment.

sandg8The perfect 10 palette, which is sold for £16.00 in Boots, has 10 neutral shades including 3 matte shades and 7 shimmers and also includes a double ended brush. The packaging itself is nice and bold, the black, white and pink colour scheme fits with the soap and glory look and the palette is slim enough that it can fit in a bag even if it is fairly long. The picture on the back has a fairly accurate representation of each of the colours though as it is printed on a matte background and does not contain any shimmer then it uses a grainy type effect to show which are the shimmery shades compared to the flat print of the mattes. sandg5The mirror inside is fairly large though as the entire packaging is cardboard the hinge does not hold the mirror up so to use it you either have to hold it or prop it up with something so the mirror doesn’t just fall flat. The brush isn’t too bad, it’s better than the sponge applicators a lot of companies give you in eyeshadow sets but it’s a bit too fluffy and holds a lot of the product without actually having much apply to your skin so the eyeshadow itself appears less pigmented. I’m not going to use it but it might be a good travel brush or for people who don’t normally use brushes to try them out. The swatches show the colours in indirect sunlight without a flash though it is hard to see pink T as it is fairly close to my skin tone. The shimmer colours had good colour payoff and I only had to do one layer to get a good amount of colour to show. They were nice and soft and went on easily though smokin’ was less pigmented and seemed to have more glitter fall out than the others. They blended well and seemed to stay well even without a primer like I would normally use. The matte colours, however, were less impressive as it took a few layers to get any colour, especially with black gold which appeared patchy and brown with the first layer, though when built up they gave good coverage. They were a lot dryer and harder to blend though vanilla would be a good highlight colour and as pink T is a good match for my skin tone that would probably work well for blending for people with paler skin.


I think my favourite colours in this palette are gold coast and brownie as the gold colour of gold coast is really nice and appears almost metallic in person and brownie has a similar effect though darker.

These are both on sale in Boots in the UK at the moment, the ‘crazy sexy kohl’ set is £14.00 and the ‘perfect 10’ eyeshadow palette is £16.00. Both are available online and in store and are in the 3 for 2 gift offer leading up to Christmas. They may be available after Christmas in a sale if Boots do the normal half price offer but if you want to buy these I would suggest getting them before as in the past the Soap and Glory makeup sets have sold out quickly once the sale starts.

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