Alien: Isolation first impressions

I’ve only been playing the game for just over an hour and haven’t played much of the storyline so this is just a short post but so far I really like it. I’ve tried to stay away from spoilers as much as possible though have seen a couple of walkthrough series on YouTube up to a point but nothing too spoilerish had happened when I was watching.

I like the graphics, especially the look of the mostly abandoned station and how it all shares the look with the movie and the technology they thought of as futuristic when the first one was made. The models for the characters are good but the animations seem a bit robotic and something about the eyes kind of creeps me out a bit though I’m not sure what it is. The atmosphere is good and creepy with a lot of tension especially when the other survivors are around though I think when the alien comes into it more they’ll be the least of my worries. A few of the controls seem a bit hard to do when you’re worried about others finding you, the main one for me is removing the clamps, I guess that’s something that I’ll get better at as the game goes on though I’m hoping the other door opening mechanisms are used more when I get each one.

A couple of other things I thought of when playing that don’t have much to do with the gameplay:

  • In the first cut scene when we’re introduced to Samuels I realized he’s voiced by Anthony Howell, once I noticed this I was pretty sure he’s going to die. Kind of hoping I’m wrong though.
  • I really need to watch the movies again, they’re on Sky so I’ll be watching them some time soon. At the very least I’ll be watching the first one, probably the second one too.

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