Computer games

I have always loved computer games, from the first computer we had with a floppy disk with the likes of ‘alley cats’ and ‘paratrooper’ on it and a copy of ‘Dizzy, prince of the Yolk Folk’ I have enjoyed playing them. With the improvements in technology from a rather angular crash bandicoot on the PlayStation one to the greatly improved graphics of PC games available now I’ve always found the actual design of the games amazing, the way the background looks as well as the characters themselves, and just as interesting and involving as the gameplay itself.

For the past 5 years I’ve had my apple and used windows as a bootcamped partition which works great for things like word where the file size is small enough that you don’t need a massive amount of memory to run or save your files. However this does not work so well when it comes to games or web design, especially when the partition was originally created solely for word documents and smaller files and therefore was made at just 80GB, not big enough to hold much with current games.

Recently, however, I bought a new laptop as the web design software I have been using does not have a mac equivalent and it did not work well on the small space. This large memory has the knock on effect that I can actually play some of the games I’ve wanted to play and have bought in steam but had to remove due to lack of space on my previous one. I now have a list of games ready to play, some of which I have already started if they’re the kind you can dip in and out of (Robocraft in particular was rather addictive with upgrades and short battles) but I will definitely be playing more of the more involved games now I have more time with the current course I am on.

As it is October I have decided that I will mainly be playing the horror games I have, the main 3 being Amnesia: Dark Descent (which I started but lost my save on the old computer), The Walking Dead (series 1 and 2) and Alien: Isolation which has just been released. So far from what I have seen of all three they look great, though they have 3 different art styles and settings they each seem interesting and detailed enough to be immersive for their storylines.

As I have sort of missed the past few years of games and the only consoles I have are my PS2 and Wii I will be trying to catch up on what I missed as well as any future releases so any recommendations for games would be appreciated, especially if they’re available on steam.

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